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Cannot Eat Sugar Without Getting Acne

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Hi! Its been a while since i posted here. I went 2 months without eating any sugar or dairy and my acne stopped completely. I eat some fruit to see how i would react and 2 hours after eating fruit, my forehead would itch like crazy and i would get acne the next day. i know only eat sugar once a week. Its doesn't matter what type of sugar i eat-fruits, cane sugar, carrots, refined sugar, honey, etc.-sugar always break me out in acne.

The supplements i am taking now that are helping somewhat are magnesium, cinnamon. Chromium picolinate and msm have helped me the past too. My supplements are:

New Chapter Every Woman Multivitamin

600 mg of Magnesium Aspartate

200 mg of DIM

1200 mg of cinnamon with every meal

50 mg of zinc

3 capsules of NOW foods female balance( Combination of vitex, dong quai, wild yam root)

I have done saliva hormone testing and I am low in progesterone and testosterone. My naturopath put me on progesterone cream. Ive been on the cream and taking vitex supplements for 4 months and it does not really do anything.

I was wondering if someone here had any knowledge as to how to fix this sugar problem or has ever had a problem like this. It would suck to live life without ever being able to eat a gram of sugar again.

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Well if you really believe that sugar is causing your acne that's because sugar spikes your blood sugar which can fluctuate your hormone levels. Processed foods should be avoided, but maybe try a fruit that is lower in sugar. Saliva tests are not reliable, no offense, if you want an accurate reading of your hormones you need a blood test. I'd stop taking all those supplements besides the multivitamin till you get a real test done.

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I have a similar probelem to this. I stopped eating sugar, dairy, gluten and processed and refined foods for about 2 months as well and my breakouts almost disappeared. If I did get one, it was usually small and dissapeared in a day.

Eating sugar results in spiked insulin levels (hormone related) which can effectivly cause more oil production within the day of eating sugar. It's a sad truth, but once you start eating health you become more prone to sugar and toxic foods.

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Before you try messing with your hormones,I'd look into fructose malabsorption to see if it might produce such a reaction. Sucrose is half fructose, half glucose.

There are things you can do to improve fructose & sugar metabolism .

Sleep, muscle, physical activity, daylight exposure, stress, all kinds of nutrients improve both.

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I would strongly recommend you stop using the cinnamon supplement and opt for real cinnamon spice (the type used in cooking).

I used to have the same problem until I 1. started using cinnamon spice and 2. ate my sugars with plenty of fat and protein. I never eat a piece of fruit or any carbohydrate without fat or protein. For example, if I'm in the mood for a banana or a mango, I'll have to eat it side-by-side with some scrambled eggs. If I eat sweet potato, I'll have it with coconut oil and grilled chicken. It seems weird, but you get used to it.

And refined sugar is simply off the table. You're just going to give that up, sorry.

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Hey everyone

Now three months ago, I couldn't eat any form of sugar without breaking out in acne. I went to go see my doctor, and she had me do a Vitamin D blood test. Turns out I had low levels of vitamin D. Within a week, my acne was starting to go away. A month later I didn't have acne. I have a ton of scars but smooth skin. I can eat sugar and it won't break me out. Well, If I eat a lot of candy I get 2 pimples. But I can eat fruit, cane sugar, and tons of it without breaking out. To awriteoflife, if all sugar breaks you out get tested for vitamin D levels.

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