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Hello everyone, It's my first post and I just want to share my experience. I am so desperate with these scars and acne. It makes my life so miserable. I have bad acne scars. I know it's relative but it is pitted scars left right side face, nose, around eyebrow, cheeks, temples and new in forehead too. I am ashamed to show you here. So I won't post any photo, I was not handsome to begin with and now you can guess what I look like. I don't even dare to look mad at someone else. I just want people look at me as a good person so no one will hurt me. And it just makes my self not worthy coz I don't have self esteem and I don't have the uniqueness like someone else. I am so quiet. People always talk about the bad thing of a person that is related to his manners and attitude but I don't let them to talk about me; a guy my desperated acne scars if my manners and attitude go wrong in their eyes. I really feel so ugly. All people with flawless skin even have some spots on it are much better than me regardless what shape the face they are. I don't have confidence to defend my self among others. It leads me to quit. Before this happened I just could find friends just like others but some years in my teenagers till now it has been hard. I had found hard to socialize with people but it has made me so much harder and I just can't stand my self in a crowd when I want to be alone. I just felt confidence to go everywhere to enjoy life with people look my face freely. Alone was not really problem even though sometime it felt so lonely and fed up but I never thought to quit. I don't want to talk to my friends like I'm in the same status or higher toward others as I felt I should take my self much lower than them. I draw my self as a ugly criminal who is useless and does many sins but drawing others like a straight person. It makes them just looking me as like "slave". I am so boring to begin with. I confused why people can talk seriously and get respected while I'm not. They will respect people who doesn't really know them well and don't help them in a trouble. I gave them everything I have and I can afford but they show gratitude to other people just look like so 'wow'. I am left alone and useless. I am just seen to be object for someone to look down and feel happy of his life. When they got problem then they come to me complaint and tell the worst thing happened to them and blame others and make me listen that world is not fair over them. So who am I? I just feel like if I'm gone and left letter then it will make them understand that their life enjoyable. I don't blame on everyone but I just want my scars to be completely got rid out, I feel so sad.. I miss a time when I could motivate my self to do and to hope something in life that I did in some years ago. Thank you for reading!

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