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Hey guys,

I am on my second pack & second week of Ortho-Tri-Cyclen BC (brand name, not generic). Hm, well...the first month I seemed to do okay (not great, but not any worse or any better)--however, this could be b/c I was already on a different type of BC (Lutera) and it allowed for an easier transition, perhaps? Anyways, this second month...is either the same or worse. I have big cysts along my jawline, on my chin, some on my cheeks, and on the sides of my forehead. I know everyone says to give it a full 3 months, which I intend to do...I just wanted to hear if anyone had any personal stories regarding this BC. Did it take you a full 3 months to even notice anything good was happening? 6? I just want to know if I do see any positive effects from this pill, roughly when will it happen.

Also, I'm pretty sure I have PCOS, and I am getting tested for it this week. If that's the case, I'm maybe going to ask for Spiro.

Thanks guys!

P.S. I'm also thinking about creating a log for my experience on this BC (maybe pictures included?), would anyone be interested in this? I've been searching and have found NO consistent logs with this BC. If no one answers yay or nay, I may just do it for my own progress anyways.

In the same vein, does anyone know of any logs with pictures?

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Hi Runner gal! I have tried Ortho before and it took a few months to work. Just like most acne treatments they unfortunately take a few months to start working and yes I have heard the 2nd month is worse than the first and then things start to get better 3rd and 4th. I just switched back to Yasmin and the first week of my 2nd month got two small cysts/inflammatory and hadn't had any in 7 weeks since starting Spiro. Have faith your body will start to adjust by the 3rd/4th pack.


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My daughter is on Ortho Tri Cyclen and didn't see any improvement until about 6 months so hang in there!

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i took ortho tri-cyclen for years and all it did was make my acne worse. the only time my skin got better was the week of my sugar pill and i think its because it was a triphasic pill. i think monophasic pills would be the best since they deliver the same amount of estrogen and progestin everyday but then again i would recommend spironolactone before the pill any day of the week. it works and i feel its a lot safer than the pill.

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CarpeMomentum- Thanks for your input! Yes, I plan to give it time :) I think us acne sufferers are just impatient (and understandably so).

Hope7- Really..6th months seems so long! I'm glad she saw improvement, though :) Thank you!

tracy521- Ugh, really? That's no good... I guess I need to give it time to see if that's my problem (the triphasic pill, that is). I would really like to get on spiro if at all possible, I guess I just wanted to see if bc would help at all. Thanks!

You guys are great, thank you! Anyone else have any other thoughts/experiences?

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I would be carefull with birth control pills they are widely known to cause melasma. II would not risk it, for acne. Unless you stay out of the sun completely. IUDs are better when it comes to birth control.

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