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Hey everyone, this is my first time posting in over a year i tried everything during this year to combat acne, but to no avail, i feel lower than low, i hit rock bottom long ago, i just cannot get over the fact that i will never get the chance to have a girlfriend or be a dad because i will be alone forever because of this disease, i see everyone else enjoying their life and having fun, all i've did this past year, is eat and be depressed, i have put on about 4 stone and it is really noticeable, it is all down to the acne as i would be at a gym if i had no acne but it never clears so i cannot see myself getting better mentally i feel so alone, i am alone everyone stares at my horrible face i can't take much more of this my depression :(

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Hey, don't be so down on yourself, I see lots of cute guys with acne

i feel sympathy when i see anyone with acne, so i don't judge cause i know how it feels to have acne

don't worry, the right girl will like you for who you are, not what's on your face

i would also have had lost hope if i thought no one would like me because of my acne, but now i can see that a lot of guys still flirt with me and tell me i'm pretty

thing is, if a girl sees that a guy that has no confidence, she finds it extremely unattractive, but if she sees that he has confidence, with or without acne, obesity, extreme wimpiness, etc., she still likes him, even with his physical faults

just keep your head up high, do something you love, and eventually people will notice you for your great personality

be awesome, even if you don't look perfect, and everyone will love you

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One word: Accutane

that is the answer to all your problems, even though it does have its own consequences (like price, side effects like extreme dryness, etc.), I definitely recommend it since I've been on 2 courses for it over the past few years and it helped A LOT (in the end, that is)

Also, when you're feeling down, just simply google 'acne' and look at google images, and remember that many others probably had much more severe acne. I also used to be depressed from acne (had it for over 6 years sometimes with big cysts too... fun times), but then I figured out that it's just a phase and will go away once your acne is gone, no one's acne last forever. Also, I know this may sound weird, but try using concealer (or whatever women call it) to hide the acne. Now I'm not saying go full out with women's makeup here, I'm just saying it can really help blend acne in with normal skin (it mostly works if it's flat acne, not a bump), I use it and yes it feels weird putting on something like (I'm a guy) but it's worth feeling weird lol, since it's not fair with the circumstances we've been given; and also, I heard that many male reporters and actors use this stuff and they don't even have acne. I hope any of this helps you out.

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At a certain point I think you have to try Accutane regardless of the side effects (not sure if you have tried it yet or not). Matthew Mcconaughey used it and look at him.

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