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Hannah L Gomez

Concern From A Filipino

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I have read all your reviews regarding the regimen and I am impressed with it. I also tried many things just to get rid of my pimples/acne but then, it just get worse. I watched a youtube video last night about a girl who made testimony about your product.

My concern is actually this. I am from Davao, Philippines and as what I heard, acne.org only ships to places in the USA. I came across with this idea to purchase the regimen online and make them deliver it to my aunt who's currently in Chicago which later on, my aunt will send it to our country this March, probably it'll arrive by May.

I just got a question which hopefully you can answer.

I am planning to only purchase one set of regimen kit. And since it's estimated usage will only last for two months and in the event that it ran out and stop, is there a possibility that acne will return? Cause I don't want to entertain the idea to purchase more since I also read that the regimen is not good to those who have sensitive skin and I am afraid that it might not be that effective for me.

Thank you.

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Hi, and welcome! :)

And don't worry, Acne.org send their products outside USA. I live in Denmark and have bought the products several times, the latest being between December and January. But I would recommend that you only buy one kit as a start, in case it's not working for you. Or if you, like me, don't like the moisturizer. But give it time! Your skin will most likely react and may become irritated at first, but will then start to calm down. Although I've used the product for more than 2 years, my skin can still become irritated once in a while - but only when it's dry.

And yes, you will probably get pimples once you stop using the products.. Unfortunately. But they will probably not be as big to start with.

So, good luck! I hope I could help :).

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I've moved this to The Regimen forum where I'm sure you will receive plenty of supportive responses.

Please note that The Regimen is NOT a cure, and once you stop using the product, it is likely that your acne will return (if you haven't naturally 'outgrown' acne).

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