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Backne and Vinegar

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Hi there folks

Just thought I'd post my progress with using vinegar on my back acne. Progress has been nothing short of astonishing.

I'm 30 and for the past 15 years have had varying amounts of extremely persistent, large cystic spots across my shoulders (generally 5-7 at anyone time with a number of smaller red spots), these had left very nasty hyperpigmentation, thankfully little to no actual scarring.

I read the vinegar thread (which is where this should probably be but I couldn't find it and lazily gave up trying after 5 mins smile.gif ), and decided to try it as a last resort (after having used expensive prescribed topicals for years with little result). I found Japanese rice wine vinegar in the supermarket and began applying it at nighttime (not the most pleasant smell but I have a very understanding girlfriend smile.gif ), after a while I added tea-tree oil which seemed to help the exfoliating process.

The results have been amazing, not only has the hyperpigmentation effectively gone (in two months of using the product) but I also no longer get cystic or red spots. I have no idea how this works but I'm not questioning it.

I can highly recommend using the product (I personally dont dilute it at all but I have extremely oily skin so I wouldn't recommend this to all people).

I hope this can help anyone in a similar position. Good luck.


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Hello Mikka,

- I just started a couple of days ago using the vinegar method on my indented scars. How often did/do you use the vinegar? because some people suggest that you give the skin some time to heal, some do it every other day.

- I haven't heard anything about the tea-tree oil. Are you sure it has a positive effect on scars, the only thing I've heard about it is that it works against acne, and right now Im acne free, lucky me...



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This absolutely worked for me. Everyone MUST try it.

Tea tree oil can be found at Wal-Mart for about 8 bucks, apple cider vinegar at Wal Mart for about 50 cents. Right before you go to bed , rub tea tree oil on back or cleavage area where the acne is using the tips of your fingers and let dry for about 5 mins. (Smell is awful, but you get used to it). After 5 mins, it might still feel a little greasy, but that's fine...just make sure its not super wet. Next, using a cotton ball or toilet paper, apply the apple cider vinegar on the same spots. Leave it on for the night! I usually let it dry for about 15 mins before getting into my bed. The smell fades.

The bottle of tea tree oil lasts an extremely long time, so don't be afraid to buy the tiny bottle for 8 dollars, its worth it.

I've struggled with backne and cleavage acne all throughout high school, but now I'm rid of it. It works slowly but surely and in about 2 or 3 weeks (depending on the severity of the acne) it will be cleared up. When it's cleared up, obviously use it less (once or twice a weel)

*I have very sensitive skin and it was not too rough for it*

Try it. Right now. Go to the store right now and get the stuff.


Best of luck.

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Hi can you just verify that its Japanese Rice WINE Vinegar that youre using? maybe tell us the brand and color?

Id think there would be a pretty big different between regular rice vinegar and rice wine vinegar.

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i'll give this a try :)

edit: how should i start with the Tea-Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar??

i was thinking of applying the tea-tree oil first, dry it, then applying the apple cider vinegar.

also, should i dilute the ACV first? if so, how much? thanks for the concern!

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I tried splashing undiluted apple cider vinegar over my back and shoulders twice a day after showers and it was working well. unfortunately my gf hates the smell and doesnt want to hug or miss me.

oh what a dilemna!

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I am totally going to try this!

When using the vinegar, did you use anythign to wash in the shower?

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i am extremely curious about this treatment..

i would lik to know if there is any alternative vinager u can use as an alternative to the vinegars u guys are talking about.. can u use just ordinary white vinegar..?

and for those of you who are skeptical bout it, im gonna keep you all posted ever few days to update my progress.. i have suffered from acne on my back, neck and chest for at least 5-6 years now and cannot stand it.. i just wanna be rid of it in the most cost effective and simple way possible.. im not the type of guy to spend 100s on beauty products i dont have all day to use..

ima start as of tommorow.. and will post next week to let u know how i went..

thanks for the info..

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