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To Clear Skin And Beyond

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My name is Phil I am 22, male and from the UK. I have struggled with acne around the age of 18 before that I was clear and had no issues with my face at all. My acne didn't bother whatsoever until around the age of about 20. After a nice summer of working in the sun I had built up a very very nice tan and acne didn't even have a spot on my mind as it was almost non-existent. It is worth noting that up to this point I have never been on any sort of treatment for acne and was only washing my face when I shower with water. So the winter came and my tan would fade as it would fade red spots would show as would some acne scars. On top of this my skin would go dry. I was discouraged by this and completely uneducated with acne. I would go to the GP and just say I have acne help me. Having no idea what I wanted or needed and just make the assumption that the doctor would give something that would work, it didn't. I believe the treatment was Dalacin T for those interested.

I remained uneducated with my acne but sought skin care products just hoping it would gradually get better (it didn't) until I came across a thing called the Caveman Regimen. I am sure some of you have heard of it and maybe even tried it, I did not try it once but twice. I tried the full blown nothing touching my face , didn't work. I tried the water only, didn't work. I tried washing my face once or twice a week, you get the idea. I strongly recommend you avoid the Caveman Regimen by the way.This happened for about a year and left my skin in awful shape and then decided to do some thorough researching and I did and finally got educated on acne . At first I thought Duac could be the answer to my problems. It is very highly rated with a high success rate. So just over six weeks ago I finally got some ( Would of been earlier had to wait for my appointment though) and started using alongside some products made for sensitive skin. I was very happy with the way things were going but done more research and found dan's regimen(to think I have used this site but never knew about Daniel and his regimen). So I went all out a couple of weeks ago and got Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser. Ordered Dan's treatment and AHA. Got some jojoba oil. Aknemycin Plus Solution ( Only tretinoin available in the UK, been using it 2 weeks I love it) and I bought a whole load of supplements.

So I was excited today when my BP and AHA showed up although I was happy with the progress made by the Duac I feel like it truly begins now.

My skin at the moment is fine, It has calmed down dramatically over the past six weeks but predominately in the last two since I have introduced the Aknemycin, Cetaphil and the supplements. I have a small amount of actives and my tone is slowly getting even. The one thing I am more focused at the moment is the pink scars ( This is where the tretinoin and AHA come in).

My plan is to alternate the BP and Tretinoin each day ( I am an once a day man it works for me although weekends maybe twice a day) and as Tretinoin and AHA don't work together my AHA will only be applied when using BP.

My Regimen will look like this: Day 1 Day 2 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Dan's BP Aknemycin Plus Solution

1/2 Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion 1/2 AHA w/ jojoba oil Cetapjhil Moisturising Lotion w/ jojoba oil

So I am happy how it is going at the moment, I tried the BP and AHA as soon as I got them and I absolutely love them both, they go on so well. I had no stinging or burning of the slightest, I put this down to the Duac when I up'd the dosage I went for it and my skin was red flaking and possibly swollen. My tolerance must be high after that which was why I am using the AHA alongside a generous amount of BP.

I will try to update when possible maybe every couple of days I will also get pics to you guys as I know they are helpful. I would like to thank Dan himself as well as all the people that make up this community. You are the best.

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Ok guys here are some pictures for you. These were taken about 4 weeks after i started duac and 16 days ago today. My face is very flakey at this point almost at its peak, so flakey it was aggrivating. Being 4 weeks in, the duac had eliminate some acne. Sorry if the lighting is great but hopefully you get the idea what type of acne I got and have. Note this is before I had any treatment other than duac. I will bring more updates and pics soon.



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Day #2 w/AHA

OK guys, chronologically I wasn't sure how to do this as I thought my progress was more advanced then a typical day 1 regimen user as I have definitely bypassed the hardening effect via the Duac and seeing as I have just started the AHA and my progress would be similar to a user also just starting the AHA I thought this would be best.

Anyway, I was happy with what I saw in the mirror this morning, but I will deal with the negatives first. I currently have 2 big spots from a few days ago which are dying but may need a couple more days to go flat and also I have a couple small and a few tiny ones (I mean tiny) coming to a head. Now, I am no at all worried about any of these and the reason being is that I have just started the AHA. I have not experienced any irritation with the AHA and it only leaving my face "warm" at the most but considering the way AHA works I am not all surprised to see a few little ones. Add to this the tretinoin I am using and it is to be expected.

Now, to the good stuff. Firstly, redness was to a minimum and skin looked very evenly toned and other than the spots quite clear. But what really amazed me was my scars. Now I don't know if I just caught my skin on a good day but my scars compared to yesterday looked really good. They look a lot less noticeable, more flat and generally like they are blending in more. Now, I know I started AHA yesterday and I use my tretinoin nearly everyday but the difference in one day is incredible. I have no doubts that these two can eventually help my skin dramatically but I never thought in a million years it would do that much. Maybe I am just seeing it differently because it doesn't seem possible. Anyway, it is what it is and I will keep you updated and some pics too in the coming weeks.

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Just a small update. After researching the best time to spot treat during the regimen I have found that a lot of people have better results when using the AHA as spot treatment BEFORE they apply the BP. Therefore I shall be incorporating this into my regimen, which now looks something like this: Day 1: Cleanse: Cetaphil Cleanser, Spot treat: AHA+, Treatment: Dan's BP, Moisturise: AHA+ w/ jojoba oil. Day 2 will remain the same with the tretinoin. Day 2: Cleanse: Cetaphil Cleanser, Treatment: Aknemycin Plus, Moisturise: Cetaphil Lotion w/ jojoba oil.

I mentioned before that I am taking supplements and I thought it may be helpful to some of you if I shared them. I have only been using them for roughly 16/17 days but I believe they are making a slight difference not only in my skin but in many other aspects but this is a gradual progress and over time I am sure there will be significant improvements. So here you go: Hydrolysed Collagen, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Zinc, Multivitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin d3.

Hope this helps.

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So super happy with how my skin looked today it generally looked even and healthy. It also seems that all the actives are dying and are flattening at a quick rate. I don't know what to directly put it down to but it is worth noting that I spot treated yesterday so maybe that had something to do with it although after applying it, it didn't feel like it was doing anything. I safely say that the the regimen continues to impress and I am very happy with how I am doing it. To think 6 and half weeks ago my skin looked like shit. Honestly, if you had seen it.

I shall be training at the gym again this friday and will be consistently. I was training 4 days a week before I found my job but it took a back seat while work and my skin took priority. I feel super confident now that with my regimen, diet, supplements, mentality and with consistent training. I will not only beat acne but destroy it. It will take time but my ultimate goal is in sight.

Although this log is for me, I am willing to give my view and advice through personal experience and what I have learnt. So any questions don't be afraid to ask.

P.S. Used the AHA on its own as a moisturiser for the first time today, DAMN that sucker burns.

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OK, as you may know I used the AHA for the first as a moisturizer on its own yesterday and it has not cause any issues so I have say to it was a great success as my skin looks in good condition. I was a little wary of the AHA as some users have experienced breakouts (some just initially others couldn't adjust regardless of time frame) but I have to say already it has gone down well. Even spot treating the way I posted earlier is really doing a good job so, I am really happy with it.

Not much else to say really, all actives are pretty much gone face looks rather even. My skin isn't completely clear(nor do I expect it to be)but it going in the right direction and I am firmly believe that in a year or many months my skin will be almost perfect. If I do happen do run into a few bumps, so be it I will ride the storm.

Edit: I shall plan to take pictures every 4 weeks, I feel that although 2/3 weeks will definitely show improvement a 4 week period will really put the improvement in perspective.

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Sounds like things are going well for you with your own take on the regimen :) Hope it keeps going well for you

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