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Hello Pernox friends!

Question to those of you who are using IONAX, please:

Are these two the same products, or different?  Has IONAX been discontinued and replaced by the other one?  

Both made by GelDarma.

BENZACARE IONAX Peeling Scrub Cleanser 


BENZACARE Anti Blackheads Exfoliating Gel.

??   Thank you!!  


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On 1/24/2014 at 1:43 PM, snmatthis said:

I have the solution! I, too, was a lifelong Pernox user. Go to Walgreen's or any drugstore and buy the house brand of liquid skin disinfectant soap. Pour some in your hand and add a little baking soda. The result is nearly identical to Pernox and much better than *that* apricot scrub with the all-over-the-place-sized grains in it.

Hello "snmatthis,''

What do you mean by "the house brand of liquid skin disinfectant soap?" Just what is "liquid skin disinfectant soap" anyway? Do you mean a product similar to "Dial antibacterial liquid hand soap"  or "Softsoap" hand soap, except to purchase the store brand of one of those national brands because the store brand is less expensive?

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When Pernox was discontinued, I tried all kinds of exfoliating scrubs in the hopes of finding a replacement. Unfortunately, most of the ones I tried didn't work nearly as good.

I eventually I thought of the idea of looking up what each of the ingredients in Pernox did, and came across one ingredient in particular that was supposed to help the product penetrate the skin (I don't remember exactly what it was called.)

Anyway, using this ingredient as a guide for what products to try, I eventually stumbled upon a product called Clearisil Rapid Action Scrub, and it's been working for me for years. It's nearly as good as Pernox and I highly recommend trying it. I usually buy it online from Amazon or Walmart, but sometimes find it in drugstores or Target. 



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