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I want to know what you guys think about when you're trying to stay upbeat. I just washed all my makeup off- and I realized how bad my skin looks and feels. I'm so depressed. sad.gif I need to do some positive thinking right now!

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You have to think:

1) I have other attributes that far outweigh the fact my skin looks bad.

2)THANK the lord for makeup

3)I could have something much more debillitating and longterm and worse.

4)it WILL clear...there is always something that can be done to help, even it is doestn clear it all, it'll improve it dramatically.

5)Your skin looks worse to yourself than to others...people wont probably notice it and if they do they'll think little of it because they're too obsessed with their own image and what they look like.

6) everyone has insecurities

7) You have so much to give and take from this world you just gotta go out and get it..

8)Im going to do something i really enjoy..whatever it is.

And last but not least..just smile, chill and love yourself for what you are...you may have a heart of gold, the best of friends, the most supportive family,amazing legs, be brilliant at sport, be really clever, have gorgeous hair...theres always something thats good about everybody.

All the best,

Frankie smile.gif

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I agree w/Fronkalonk. You have to remind yourself of the other positive attributes that you have!!

I personally hate looking at my face after washing it as well, so I totally understand how you feel!

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There are days when I see my face and I think to myself that it looks so much better today than it did yesterday! Then I see myself under new or brighter lights and I realize nothing has changed and then I feel like crap. But I hope you know that there will always be people there for you whether it is family, friends, or this forum, so think positive!

I was able to get through it with my friends who I thought wouldn't like me anymore, but they stuck by me. Today I am 99.9% clear of acne and nearly all of my red marks have faded away. Just keep hope and things will look up. biggrin.gif

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