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I'm now 20 and started getting acne at 8...yes..8. My Dr. Told me to use dove soap but it didn't help any and seemed to make it worse. Since then I've been a serial acne product user. I've used proactive, murad, acne free, the 3 step althete kit(not sure what brand it was), multiple different brands of cleansers and creams, natural products, you name it, I've probably used it. Some have been more successful than others but all have ended up not working after the initial 2week clear up stage. I can say that my acne isn't as bad as a lot of people, but I have not had clear, pretty skin since I was a child. Recently I got so fed up with how gross the texture of my skin was and how broke out with little pimples it was(despite using face scrubs and a facial buffer) so I took the pumice stone side of a multi way foot scrubber that I'd never used and gently used it on my face, it worked decently. y next shower, however I used the stone again with a garnier daily exfoliating scrub that I forgot irritates my face when left on too long. Needless to say, my face was nearly rubbed raw on my chin, nose and upper cheks. Other than the fact that my skin was irritated beyond belief, all the tiny pimples that have been driving me crazy were gone (the kind that makeup don't cover and make your skin look awful, texture wise. I'm sure someone knows what I meann) So my face still needed to be washed because despite how dry it was, it was oilier than ever. I didn't wanna use anything to irritate it more so I used a bar of your basic, original dove beauty bar soap. I've been using it on my face since and using a spot treatment on the breakouts I had before the scrubbing incident. My face is less oily and super soft(almost the way it feels when you put a good makeup primer on) and the soap doesn't seem to be breaking me out more. It has only been about a week though, so we'll see how things go. I'm just amazed athow less oily my face is while still being soft. My skin would be oily an feeling like I hadn't washed it only an hour after...with the soap, barely any oil buildup. I'm posting this because I wanted to see if anyone elsehas had this kind of success and to encourage others like me that have tried EVERYTHING to maybe try one more regimen and have results similar to mine. I'm going to continue using only the dove soap to wash my face, maybe a scrub once a week and murad acne spot treatment after and clean and clear persa gel on those painful under the skin pimples if I get any(I will say this stuff does work...just not as an everyday thing) I realize this post was a bit long but I wanted to thoroughly explain everything and express my current success.

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