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New To Regimen, Underskin Pimples

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the Regimen and I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you that are more familiar with the Regimen can help me with!

A little history about my skin and previous products:

I'm 21 years old. I initially started the Regimen last year after seeing the results of my best friend, who recommended I start it. I had never really had acne prior to this point, but since I spent the entire Spring and Summer in Toronto in a really hot climate, I had bumps all over my cheeks that I mistook as acne. Now I know it was really only sun damage. So I started using a lot of scrubs and different products in a short time frame in hopes of quickly ridding myself skin of acne...this however, did the exact opposite. I ended up getting a major breakout for the first time all over my face. This is when I decided to go on the Regimen. HOWEVER, I never really visited the site, I briefly scrolled through the instructions and ordered the Regimen and got right into it...never going gentle, never patting dry my skin, never making sure that the BP was massaged gently into my skin.

SO I gave up...

My breakouts came back, worse than ever this entire summer and more so recently...my friend and I were talking about the Regimen and in conversation she mentioned key steps that she used to take...I was mind blown and felt kind of stupid for never doing my research

So here I am, pretty much a newbie with my Regimen once again. This time following rules and doing my research!

These are some of a the questions I have:

1. My skin is at a point where there isn't really new breakouts (I have been using the regimen for a week and it seems to be preventing them) but i have a lot of red spots all over my face from previous breakouts and picking. Does the Regimen help with these?

2. Does the Regimen work on under skin pimples or whiteheads? I seems to have generalized bumps of no colour all over my face. They are most noticeable when my skin is stretched out or when I have makeup on.

3. If the Regimen doesn't work on these bumps/white heads/under skin pimples, should I be getting Microdermbrasion or a facial to initially get rid of them and then continue on the Regimen? I'm scared that they will over time erupt into pimples and I definitely hate the cosmetic look of them ESPECIALLY with makeup on!!

4. My under-eyes get sort of dry and look tired. Am I allowed applying a nightly or daily eye cream that doesn't interfere with the rest of the face and regimen?

5. The area under my chin seems to be really itchy and dry even though I have never applied the BP to this area. Why is this? I also catch myself scratching this area along with my chin area, which I know is going to irritate my skin but it is just so hard...I'm starting to incorporate jojoba oil overnight starting today though!! So hopefully that helps!!

I hope someone can help me out and answer my questions!! Thank you so much!!

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1. From what I've read, using AHA will definitely help the red marks from previous pimples but please be advised that you should only use that once your skin has fully adjusted to BP, which is usually after a month into the regimen. I personally don't get red marks, I just get those dark spots instead and I've only been using AHA every couple of days for two weeks so I'm not sure if they've helped with my hyperpigmentation marks just yet.

2. It sure does! I suffered from those underskin bumps along my jawline and I broke out in whiteheads all the time before starting the regimen. I noticed that some of my underskin bumps disappeared within 2 weeks of starting the regimen and completely disappeared after a month. I've just completed my 11th week of the regimen and I haven't had a whitehead for 3 weeks, which is a miracle!

3. You won't need to since the regimen itself will get rid of those underskin bumps. I would advise not to use any sort of physical exfoliants since it will just irritate your skin, and definitely do NOT go for a facial. If you want to exfoliate, AHA would be the best thing to use. After having used it I've already noticed how much of a difference it makes for my skin. It gets rid of my flakes and makes my skin so soft.

4. Using an eye cream should be fine since it doesn't really interfere with your acne-prone areas. Best to apply the cream after you cleanse, but before the treatment.

5. Not sure why, but I'm sure it will pass. Just try prevent scratching that area, although I understand that can be very hard. I usually gently rub moisturiser on an itchy spot if I do have one and it helps. Jojoba oil should help though!

Hope my answers help, and good luck!

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