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a regimen for mild acne?? maybe.. i hope!

I have mild hormonal acne and also have sensitive skin..i have used both Dan's reg and botchla's and both have in the end, had the same results..my skin gets very very dry and then breaks out even more..NOT GOOD! so i thought..there must be a better way for my skin type..my esthetician told me to just wash with cetpahil and moisturise with cetaphil moisturiser and that I would never get a zit again..load of crap! but i do like the way cetaphil keeps my skin clean and soft and HYDRATED! so i investgated and realised that any amount of BP over time dried my skin out too much...so I banished BP from my routine...i spoke to a derm(friend of the family) and she recommended I try this routine for a couple of weeks...it's over the counter..gentle and yet effective..she said with mild acne..you don't really need BP..you just want to keep you pores clean and your skin exfoliated..plus she said since I am in my 20's,my skin is not oily enough to use products intended for teenagers(ie:clean and Clear) so here is what Ive been doing for about a week..i like it..I had one zit when I started..i have not put any BP on it and the area is not dryied out, the pimple did not come to a head but just disapeared after a few days.

here is my new routine:

Morning- wash with Cetaphil/baking powder mixture

-put on Neutrogena Multi Vitamin lotion

-allow to dry

-put on either cetaphil face lotion or Dove sensitive essential lotion

Night- wash with Cetaphil foaming cleanser(really gets rid of makeup!)

-put on Neutrogena Clear Pore treatment

- if you want..put mosturiser on again

when my period is due..i swipe on Aveen Clear Complexion Toner in the morning after I wash. the only medicine in these produtcs is SA and so far..it's been really good and keeps my skin clean and clear and hydrated! so it looks better..i wear less makeup and put on less moisturiser..i think it's an ideal routine for those with mild acne whose face gets too dry with BP and for people who experince hormonal acne and don't want to have a dry flaky face all the time just to avoid zits around your period....i'll keep you posted on my progress!

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