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Hormone Test Results?

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So I had a hormone test done via the ZRT lab using a blood spot sample (they also do saliva which I'm not sold on). Anyway these were my results:

Estradiol (blood spot) 79 pg/ml (43-180 Premeno-luteal or ERT)

Progesterone (blood spot) 10.2 ng/ml (3.3-22.5 Premeno-luteal or PgRT)

Ratio: Pg/E2 (blood spot) 129 Pg/E2 (bloodspot-optimal 100-500)

Testosterone (blood spot) 119 ng/dL (20-130 Premeno-luteal or TRT)

Ratio: T/SHBG (blood spot) 0.1 (0.7 - 1.0)

DHEAS (blood spot) 298 H ug/dL 40-290

Cortisol (blood spot) 15.1 ug/dL (8.5-19.8 morning)

SHBG (blood spot) 32 nmol/L (15-120)

I'm not quite sure how to interpret some of this data, specifically the T/SHBG ratio, which I believe correlates with free testosterone. I would have thought the range would be higher rather than lower though? My testosterone level is high normal according to their reference range, but there reference range seems pretty high. The DHEA-S is also a little high.

I hoped that these results might help me figure out what do about my acne, any ideas?

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Looks like your problems are clearly linked to androgens - testosterone and DHEA being on the high side. I think Spiro would be your best bet.

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I have normal hormone levels but spironolactone helped me soooo much. I believe i was too sensitive to them and spiro lowers both androgen secretion and sensitivity. It can help you too i agree it's probably the best for androgenic acne.

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Technically, spironolactone doesn't lower testosterone production. Spironolactone attaches to androgen receptors before testosterone can. By competing for receptors, it "mutes" the actual activity of testosterone (before it can synthesize in your skin).

It does raise estrogen levels a little bit through an indirect mechanism.

This is partially why spironolactone is relatively mild compared to other drugs, because it is not actually changing your hormone levels very much, just sort of stopping testosterone partway down the chain.

Reference ranges are just that...ranges. What is an ideal hormone level for your particular body is anyone's guess.

Though testosterone at 119 when the high end of the range is 130? That concerns me. DHEA is clearly high. SHBG seems low.

Just based on the testosterone and DHEA, I think you would benefit from anti-androgens.

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