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Rosacea Vs Acne

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I am 32, and have had acne since I was about 13. I went through a couple of dermatologists since then, and tried every antibiotic and prescription topical there is. It never went away. In 2007 I went through one cycle of Accutane and it was like a miracle. I had perfect skin for the first time since I was a child. After about 6 months off of it, I started having mild acne again. I was dealing with it, and my dermatologist at the time had said I may need a second cycle of Accutane depending on what happened with my skin.

Well, about 8 months ago I decided it was time for that second cycle. I am having cystic acne again, adn my entire face is covered with 'bumps'. It is embarrassing and so un-professional. I feel like it has been hindering me as I interview looking for a new job. It is hard to be taken seriously as a professional accountant when I look like a hormonal teenager. Makeup is not covering it, and over-the-counter meds are not helping anymore.


I found a new dermatologist since I moved too far away from my old one. I am having nothing but conflict with her as she insists that because I am over 30, what I have is rosacea and not acne. She won't give me the Accutane because that only treats "teenage acne" and that is not what I have anymore. Should I get a second opinion?? I have been on Rosacea medication for six months now, and my skin is worse! I followed her explicit instructions to stop using any over the counter medicated products, and use only the topical cream she prescribed. Just wanted to see what you all thought.

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are you female? are you currently on any form of birth control pill?

The wrong type of birth control will make your skin a mess.

The right type of birth control can clear skin that's already a mess.

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I too went throught the same thing (over and over). My current derm who is a specialist with adult acne said I have both rosacea and acne. Thus my regime below. It is a regime especially designed for sensitive skin that has some rosacea. I also had cystic acne and this regime has stopped that. The other thing that has really helped me is following a rosacea diet (google it) and avoiding all processed oils except for a teeny amount of olive oil (see my topic in the diet forum titled "Low-fat Primitive Diet.."). Yes you should get another derm. I also had derms who treated me for just rosacea and my cystic acne continued to flare up. Awful and like you it was next to impossible to feel professional when I looked worse than most teenagers!

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