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Zinc Test

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So I recently had a zinc blood test performed to see what my zinc levels are (Kaiser permanente performed it)

These are the results:

Component Standard Range Your Value ZINC 50 - 110 mcg/dL


I know it is between the standard range, but is this enough zinc or do I need more?

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you are on the lower end of the recommended range, so maybe. Unfortunately, the normal range is too broad and there's no accurate way of saying what is the right amount for your body. But a 64 is definitely not that low, not low enough to indicate that zinc deficiency is your main issue. What did your doctor say?

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Are you taking enough vitamin C to help with the scarring? Since you are not that low on zinc, I don't think that's the main reason for your scarring but of course I'm not a doctor (not that most doctors know this stuff anw, like you said). Loss of collagen and genetics can play a part in how your skin heals after acne. So basically if you give your body the tools to facilitate healing (like adequate zinc and vitamin C), you may notice an improvement esp. on fresh scars. I'm trying out red light treatments and high frequency to help with elasticity and collagen formation.

Btw, vitamin D deficiency can also play a role in skin texture. Have you been tested for that?

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