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Flax Seeds And Diet - Instant Results

Ok so after changing my diet and implementing more omega-3 food I've noticed some big differences in the texture, smoothness and overall tone and inflammation of my skin. It didn't totally stop pimples from forming, but it did greatly reduce them and their inflammation (smaller in size , less inflamed is much better than a forehead full of pimples that stand out)

This morning I took my first ''dose'' of flax seed (soaked them overnight at room temperature spring water, had a bit this morning in my water and later with my eggs ) and I immediately (30 minutes max.) noticed a big overall difference in my skin. It's not just the pimples, this stuff is amazing for your skin tone aswell.

Benefits :

- Natural tan, darker skin tone.

- Much less inflammation throughout.

- Flax seeds are very healthy and calming foods, will make you feel great and at ease. Stress and anxiety are big factors for many acne-sufferrers, including me. I also noticed deep breathing helps tremendously with this. You don't need pills or any of that shit, food like almonds, brown rice, wild salmon, walnuts, kiwi are VERY recommended.

- Eyes now stand out way more , almost look like natural makeup.

- Attractiveness ramped up by about 2-3 points so to say, no kidding. But I actually think this will probably depend on the individual, it will certainly make you more attractive and healthy looking.

- Healthy bowel movements, great source of dietary fiber. This along with organic goat milk yogurt should sort or greatly improve your digestion which is also vital for acne. I've noticed that since eating organic goat milk yogurt (pasteurized, not raw) I feel much less bloated, digestion is better and my stomach feels much better overall.

I take 1 or 2 tablespoons 15-20 min after every meal to improve digestion and the difference is astonishing. I plan on making my own goat milk yogurt now.

Deep breathing, alongs with many other benefits, is also great for digestion and absortion of nutrients. Give this a try after every meal, inhale through your nose as deep as you can and exhale slowly through your mouth. You will feel great and your body will thank you for it. They should teach this stuff , among others, at school.

Overall , if you haven't yet, give flax seeds a try. Things that I've also implemented in my diet that have helped 10 times more than any topical treatments ( oils usually clog my pores, and sit uncomofortably on my skin, end up with whiteheads and tiny bumps , cleansers I find unnecesary , only use cold water and aloe vera now) . I actually did not wash my face or apply anything to my face this morning and the difference is night and day, believe me. And all it took was 1 hour.

Also, implementing lots of foods from this list should yield great results in short time:


Vitamin A from carrots and dark leafy greens greatly reduced my oily skin. Eat lots of these and you won't have problems with oily skin anymore. My forehead used to be one big oil factory, not anymore. I've also supplemented with 10.000 iu vitamin a, don't feel I need it anymore.

I believe there are three vital things you have to improve for clear or better looking skin :

diet - sleep - exercise. They will lead to a healthy lifestyle, which in turn will lead to clear skin and many other benefits. I think diet is underrated by many people today ( I used to be like that not long time ago ) and people don't really realise the importance of nutrition . Getting quality sleep and exercising is also very important ( a part which I have to improve, currently ) and exercise is greatly needed, especially in this century we live in.

Other foods that will greatly help your acne internally that I've implemented in my diet :

- Hemp seed protein powder will give you your protein needs and will keep your energy levels steady throughout the day. This stuff is great. Contains ALL amino-acids and perfect balance of omega-3-6-9.

- Hemp seed oil , again, amazing source of Omega 3 and many other benefits. I take a spoonful of this stuff or use it in my salads, tasted great.

- Coconut oil (organic , unrefined and cold-pressed) again, is amazing for your health and clearing out toxins (again a big problem for acne sufferers ) . I use it for cooking my fried eggs in the morning and add it to my teas, I love the taste of it. I also sometimes moisturize my skin after showering, feels great on your skin . Also a natural tan enhancer.

Cutting stuff like refined sugar and sweets go wtihout saying. Your body does not need them and after started eating a well-rounded healthy diet you won't crave them anymore. I also try to minimize or eliminate processed crappy food. ( although the alternatives are a bit more expensive ) . Also up your water intake. I always have a cup of water near me to sip from, if not I'll end up being thirsty all the time. Your pee should be clear. Lemon water first thing in the morning as well for a lot of benefits.

I've also stopped shaving ( I used to accidentaly cut my pimples all the time, my chin looked awful and inflamed after shaving ) . I now use a cheap trimmer that does the trick and leaves your skin intact. I don't need close shaving anyway, Unfortunately if I let my beard grow I'll get pimples in that zone ( which is a shame because I look much better with beard)

That's pretty much all. I feel for those of us who aren't suffering from severe , genetic cystic acne and even so, all this stuff will make you fell great overrall and appear much healthier. My acne used to be moderate, now it's on the mild side with red marks fastly healing.

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I'm for most of this stuff just the same, but are you claiming that flaxseeds made you tan? -_-

Indeed , and quite considerably so. Maybe me getting tanner during the summer has also helped, but when I woke up my skin was definitely different , a much lighter and sort of ''boring'' tone. It's like I just spent 4 hours at the beach, only much more natural looking. It's impressive what certain foods can do to you, haha.

I also drank some hemp seeds protein powder (raw, organic, ofcourse) with water later and I think it made my tone even darker. I'm quite sure it's the amazing benefits of the Omega 3 and other fatty acids . Also, my face is naturally moisturized now, not dry and not oily. No need to moisturize with any oil now.

There's another user who had similar results from adding flax seed into his diet:

And I didn't even grind them.

I took them with a glass of water before eating and later sprinkled on eggs. I didn't chew them , they were soaked overnight in water so they're easily digested this way. They were also organic (a bit pricey but worth it) .

I got a similar outcome from moisturizing with coconut oil (darker skin tone) but the oiliness was too much, also it didn't seem to help my acne so now I only use it on my body and it's great.

Oh and pumpkin seeds are alse a great source of zinc , which is helpful for acne. Get these into your diet aswell and you'll start seeing results.

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The estrogenic effects of Flax seeds will help some people but make others worse. Often, a lot worse. Use with caution, & if your acne changes, besides clearing of course, stop immediately.

And for, many their skin will improve at first, then they get the worse breakout of their life.

I'm for most of this stuff just the same, but are you claiming that flaxseeds made you tan? -_-

Yeah. and Immediately, and day one?

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My acne has cleared within a day , pimples have healed and no new one has formed. I doubt it will make my acne worse , but we'll see.

Yeah. and Immediately, and day one?

I think it's the effect of the omega 3's moisturizing properties, If I had washed my face it'd be a bit less pronounced. I like it though and I'll continue using it.

you noticed results in 30 minutes?

Yes more or less. I woke up feeling groggy and tired this morning and I took 2 tablespoons with a glass of water on an empty stomach and I feel much better now. It's been about 40 minutes now.
Oh and I have to say I also have candida and after a round of natural anti-candida diet and treatments I feel better now after rebalancing my gut flora with good bacteria , but I had to stop it for now cause i was getting intense die off ( with vomiting and such) . I'll restart my treatment once I get my hands on Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and I hope I'll get rid off Candida and acne for good . It won't be easy but worth it.
The products I used were coconut oil, pau d'arco tea, grapefruit seed extract (likely the strongest) and raw garlic. I ate some (not much) papaya seeds last night and had some trouble sleeping because of die off I asume. Pretty potent stuff. But the Papaya itself was great for bloating and digestion, really helped things.
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i'm glad something has worked for you but just one day (or 30 minutes like you had mentioned in your original post) sounds unreal to me. i have a feeling it must be placebo effect! i have no proof though!

anyway congratulations!

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