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When My Skin Gets Clear...i Pick

Hi all of you out there struggling so hard :))) !

I’d like to find here someone to talk to for the support in my attempts to get my mental acne under control. This is my story in short. (Since i’m not really English speaker and i have this strong impulse to do this don’t mind the language mistakes : ) I’m a girl, 25 years. The real problem is that i don’t really have serious acne anymore. I have hormonal acne now, something that comes up twice a month and it’s always the same and it always disappears in less than a week. The real problem is this deep picking addiction issue. I’ve been reading lots of posts here, i’ve started to read ’Skin Deep’ by Grossbart, i’ve been analyzing myself in it seems all ways and trying so many tricks to get rid of it, it feels i’ve done it all except going to the psychologist. I don’t really think i have OCD (or am i trying to refuse admitting it?). Why ? Since last night i was really content with myself not been picking for 2 weeks...i finally got small hurtful inflammations again...i did the mask yesterday, i didn’t look close in the mirror to examine my skin...i was good, more than good. I keep a diary for this stuff and i wrote a good entry in there...

But today... it crashed. I’ve lots of worries in my head and i am actually able to realize that instead of dealing with the stressful feelings i lived it out in my relflectance in the mirror. So okay, i ’’cleaned’’ my face. It will heal in the next two weeks i’m not gonna touch it if i'm strong. But what after another 2 weeks? Or a week? :/ Otherwise i feel good about my looks. I get compliments. But it’s as if when my skin gets this good... i recreate the problem instead of waiting the acne to diminish.

Today i realized i gotta speak out and as i can’t do it at home or with my friends since they’d think i really need a psychologist, i’m reaching out here where i’ve been reading so many similar posts and i rather need a support group? This forum exists to make you feel you’re not alone in this and therefore move you one step closer to healing. In my life, in my country, in my environment i don’t think i’ll find people who’d understand the deep roots of this problem. So anyone who has reached or passed this level where i am right know? I'd be glad to have someone to discuss it with and therefore get i hope the final step to get clear.

Cheers, A

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Hi, how are you doing? Has your skin healed? I'm also in the middle of a picking crisis, and I'm trying to get better. What has worked best was keeping mirrors as far away from me as I could, and keeping myself busy. For example, when I start thinking about my skin and that I should check it out in the mirror (total trigger for picking), I would go grab a book or read the newspaper or something to keep my mind off my looks. I also try to go to the bathroom with the lights off so a won't obsess over spots while brushing my teeth, my hair and so on. Hope this helps somehow, and remember you're not alone in this ;)

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