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You Are All Extremely Beautiful!

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I feel like I want to tell you all this:

I see the pictures of some posters here all the time next to the posts (just like you can see a picture of me) and I have to say that when I see you and read your posts, that you are all beautiful people with warm, social, huggable personalities :)

There is in my eyes no reason why you should obsess about your skin. You see, I see acne more as a feature of a person or a property that in no way influences how attractive that person is in my mind. I find the famous acne girl on Youtube very attractive whether she wears makeup or not. (I am not exactly sure how to say that in English, but I hope you understand what I mean :) )

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Thank you for the post. I have been struggling with self-esteem issues, as I am having a horrid, cystic breakout all over my face due to accutane. Wish more people could have your attitude :/

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No I'm not but I don't give a fuck

You do give a fuck because you post here ;)

If you truly didn't give a fuck then you wouldn't even be bothered to post stuff.

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Can you believe that most people don't like me and that I have developed several personality disorders because of that?

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Thanks for the encouraging post! It really made my day, I try to stay positive about having acne even when people point it out everyday!

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