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White Heads Is So Visible Everytime I Put Foundation.help!

Everytime I apply my foundation on, my white heads in my nose and chin area are very visible. I used a cleanser to wash my face, twice a day with a face towel. I also had the small metal thing to remove your zits or white heads but its still not working ,I tried the lemon juice and colgate but no luck so far. Any recommendation should I use for treating my white heads and any particular make foundation should I use.

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Moved this topic to cosmetics and grooming. There are a lot of knowledgeable users in there that could help you out with a foundation to cover up those whiteheads.

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I've tried lots of things, but have never been able to fully cover medium/large whiteheads. I've kinda come to terms with the fact that they're hard to cover, and just cover them the best I can.
My current routine covers small whiteheads really well, it's just the bumpiness that shows the most. This is my routine:
let moisturiser sink in for 10-15 mins if I have time
Alima Pure concealer on blemishes/redness
Alima Pure foundation in a sheer layer all over
Alima Pure foundation dotted and blended onto blemishes
I've found mineral makeup covers better (for my skin anyway).
I'd also suggest not squeezing them at all because they just spreads and you'll end up with way more! And don't use colgate - I've tried using toothpaste and it never works... it just dries out the area and the irritation leads to more whiteheads! If you don't use BP, try tea tree oil diluted with a bit of water, and dot that onto your whiteheads.

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I agree with the mineral makeup. Mineral powder foundation does the best job at hiding any imperfections! I haven't used a 'regular' foundation in about 6 years, and i don't think I ever will again!

Make sure you get the right colour! I recommend LilyLolo. They're very good, not too expensive and ship worldwide (they're based in the UK)

Oh, also: for my wideheads I have found that applying Iso-betadine Gel directly on the at night does so much! It is a bit scary as it's an orange gel, but seriously, the results after one night can be dramatic!

During the day I apply pure lavender oil on my spots, under my moisturizer. That really helps too!

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