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Very Sensitive, But Acne Prone And Oily.

I feel like I have a very challenging skin type. On one end of the spectrum I have oily skin that gets congested and needs exfoliation and antibacterial treatment, while on the other hand my skin is very, very sensitive. Designing a regimen that strikes a balance is nearly impossible. I've been totally clear before, but products have since been discontinued and my insurance has dropped certain other products.

CeraVe cleanser doesn't break me out, but also doesn't do much to treat acne. DML lotion is also great and very gentle. Pretty much everything out there that does treat acne (either by providing exfoliation and/or killing bacteria) also causes major irritation and eventually horrible cystic bumps due to the irritation.

Has anyone with this skin type found a regimen that has successfully cleared their skin?

NOTE: If you're using any kind of granular scrub, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, fragranced products, or anything that says "deep cleaning" on the bottle you don't truly have sensitive skin.

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My skin is sensitive/oily/acne-prone too. The only cleansers I can use are cetaphil sensitive (but I found this was meh compared to botani) and the botani purifying cleanser. The botani acne line is the only thing gentle enough on my skin, probably because it's all natural so has no nasty chemicals in it.

If BP goes anywhere near my face it goes bright red and feels burnt, and dries it out so much I just break out even more. I've been using the thursday plantation tea tree gel instead which has been working really well.

Have you thought of trying more natural products to see if they work for your skin?

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