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Tom Busby

An Effective Seb Derm Scalp Treatment

An aesthetic and effective lightweight hair gel can be made with 100 ml of Aloe Vera, 5 ml of Hegor 150 shampoo, and 2 grams of Xylitol.

I actually used 0.07 grams of Climbazole powder dissolved in 1 ml of Isopropanol and added 5 ml of my custom-blend Cetaphil lotion, instead of Hegor 150, but my mix is equivalent to 1 part in 20 dilution of Hegor 150. Both mixes are just barely over the EU guidelines for a full body leave-on product, so they are safe as a scalp product.

My suggestion for a Hegor 150 mix is because most people don’t home compound, and I would like to hear back from anyone who tries this 1 to 20 ration of Hegor 150 as to its aesthetics.

The mix takes about 20 minutes to dry, and then my hair looks and feels normal. My “normal” was no hair gel and no hair styling products, so I’m pleased this mix is very lightweight and leaves my hair normal and maybe even a little better. Hurray, I have an effective leave-on product for my scalp -- I didn’t like using medicated lotion on my scalp because it looked like 1960’s Elvis-hair.

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Hegor is a shampoo made in France. Hegor 150 Antidandruff is 1.5% Climbazole, and Hegor 100 is 1.0%, and Hegor 50 is 0.5%.

If you are in the US, the only place to buy it is from eBay. It costs only $15 for 150 ml. It smells ok too.

Hegor makes several different products so check the ingredient-list to get the right product. The only problem is that it ships from Bulgaria so it takes 3 weeks to arrive in the mail. It's worth the wait because it's much more effective than all the other antidandruff products. Due to the shipping delay, I would order 3 bottles at a time, especially if you have long hair.

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