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Hi Guys, This year has been hard, Acne, Dermatits, Seberhoric Dermatitis, everything. Right now It doesn't look so bad, My Acne isn't the really severe type it's between mild and moderate, I have been on antibiotics and what not but they did not work. Sometimes I feel sad because I just want this all to be over, I wish I didn't have to stress about it, It's always there, whether I can deal with it or not. I dream of the day when I have a clear, normal complexion and I can casually look in the mirror again and see only my own face. I have felt happy for the first times in ages this month, and it was good, I haven't been down all the time but I have just felt normal, not good not bad. I have my confidence back, I'm thinking about other things and applying my mind to better things, and it's going well. Still, I think some damage to my skin is permanent but i know My Acne won't last forever, I'm only 15 so it could go away on it's own later in life if I fail to get rid of it. However, my skin is stuffed from the dermatitis and Hydrocortisone cream, I think I just have to get over that, what's done is done. My skin may never be the way it was before Acne, I think I am one of the really unlucky ones. I really screwed up my skin with all of those Over-the counter products, so a warning to you all, be careful what you put on your face and how much you use and hopefully you won't end up like me. So to everyone now that is in a similar position, in that time in between when your not Acne Free and you don't know how to get there, know that Acne isn't permanent and you can't spend all your time thinking about it, you have to get on with your life and focus on your life, not on your skin. They are two completely separate things And as long as you don't scar, you can be grateful your not me, someone who has probably has to live the rest of there life with damaged skin. Keep strong guys.

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Don't give up hope! Maybe you need a new approach. Your acne sounds similar to mine (that said, more severe) - I get seborrheic dermatitis too and have mild acne. It does seem like messing with my skin when I was younger has taken its toll and it is slowly healing now that I'm taking a less is more approach. You could give that a try too?

I simply cleanse with a gentle cleanser and lightly moisturise. I do sometimes use an AHA treatment for my skin texture. Jojoba oil has been a skin-saver for me, it really normalised my skin and got rid of the flakiness and itching that the seborrheic dermatitis caused around my nose. Facial skin takes quite a while to heal (it did for me) and normalise after years of damage.

You need to keep strong too and don't give up. You can and hopefully will get your skin back to normal. smile.png

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