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Switching Birth Control

I've been on Diane35 for the last 6 months and now I am to switch my bcp to Yasmin. It took a while for me to get clear (4 months) so I'm afraid that now, when Diane35 finally started working and I'll stop using it, I'll break out again. I'm also on Androcur, lowering the dose every month.

- Does switching bcp break you out, or is it just stopping them at all that does that?

- Should I increase the dose of Androcur again, to avoid my testosterone getting out of control?

- What else could I take to help my body not too loose the state I finally achieved?

Sure I could ask my gynaecologist, but the thing is - she doesn't know a shit. She can't answer any questions about acne and bcp, never heard of spiro, didn't know much about Androcur. It's incredible.

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I took Yasmin for a little while, but I can't say whether or not it helped my skin bc my hormones were already crazy from stopping Spiro and trying to supplement that instead.

Why are you stopping your other?

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Diane? Because my gynaecologist only recommended me to stay on it for 6 months and then she wants me to switch to Yasmin

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If you're switching to something similar to the Diane 35, then you may be alright. In highschool, I took Diane for a year and a half or thereabouts. Then my doctor switched me over to Ortho tri-cyclen lo. I didn't have any issues with acne from the switch. This summer, I took Diane 35 for a month and then switched over to the OTC lo again because I wasn't entirely sure my acne was hormonal and didn't want to be taking such a strong pill as Diane for it. I did seem to have an IB but it wasn't major (small whiteheads along my hairline that cleared up quickly). But then again, I wasn't taking it for very long.

I don't know a lot about Yasmin, though. Is it a similar pill to Diane 35? It would seem that if it's got a similar or identical type of hormone in it, it wouldn't cause a lot of problems.

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