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Accutane And Weightlifting 22/male Log (Detailed)

Finally got my prescription of accutane so it's time I start my own log to keep track of my progress. At the moment my acne is not 'severe' but I have:

  • very very oily skin at all times
  • 1-2 active cysts (painful, deep and inflamed acne)
  • a moderate amount of scaring
  • 5-7 active zits at all times (on face)
  • the rest of my acne is on the back and chest which have a LOT of very small zits


Male, 22 years old, 75kg (165 lbs), muscular build.

I've tried dan's regimen for a number of years and while it did help the condition, it did not go away. Next I used Retin-A Micro which (almost) completely cured my acne for a number of months, stopped working after about 6-7 months on. I've always had a very clean diet and avoided any potential allergens.

I was wary about taking accutane because of my bodybuilding/weightlifting requiring me to lift very heavy several times each weak. I'm willing to lower my lifts slightly for the months that I'm on to avoid any joint injuries while on.


Originally my doctor wanted me to take 80mg/day, but I'm going to instead take each 40mg capsule every other day (equating to 20mg/day). I am not prepared to take the upper dose, for such a mild/moderate case like mine - while also not willing to waste time and risk more long term side effects being stuck on the 'low dose therapy' some has suggested on this website. If I find I have no side affects (dryness/joint pain), I will take 40mg/daily instead.


In an attempt to pre-emt some of the side effects I've read about, I'm going to supplement with the following while I'm on.

  • Fish Oil 4g/daily
  • Sillymarin (Milk Thistle Extract) 500mg/daily
  • Vitamin D3 4g/daily
  • Curcumin 1200mg/daily

I might possibly add NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) later and possibly some joint support with MSM/Glucosamine.

My diet will otherwise consist of mainly complex carbs and lean meats (about 3000-3300 calories each day).


  • Become acne-free within 3 months without lasting side effects
  • The purpose of this log is to document my experience of accutane as well as its effect on heavy weight training and my health.
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DAY 2:

Went to the gym today for a heavy squat session. Strength (as expected) haven't decreased at all as it's only my 2nd day on. I'll be taking my 2nd 40mg tomorrow. No changes to report although I'm enjoying the fact that I don't need any special creams in the AM/PM, just cleanser and moisturizer. No signs at all of an initial breakout either.

Will report again at the end of week 1.

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Hey mate,

Glad to hear you in the same situation as me.

Currently lifting 3-4 times a week (just started out 3 months ago)

I am seeing the doctor today expecred to get retin-a micro or accutane. I have been suffering with acne for years, also tried dans regimen for almost 2 years but never reallly got clear for more than a few days.

I stoped the regimen a month ago, but got on it again last week cause my skin got really bad.

Anyway I wish good luck, you might see me aroung here again soon :)

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DAY 6:

Took my 3rd 40mg dose yesterday. Since it's almost been a week I should make a quick report on what I've noticed.

- Gym performance is the same (if not better) - I've had no tightness/joint pain whatsoever.

- I've noticed my face produce SLIGHTLY less oil (so slight that it could even be a placebo). I normally take cold showers anyway which will be a good habit to prevent some dryness.

- I've gotten 1-3 small deep spots on my face in typical areas, but I assume this is because I've now stopped using ALL acne medication besides the accutane (no more benzoyl peroxide and Retin-A). I only cleanse/moisturize my face morning and night.

No significant changes to report yet. On to week 2! smile.png

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DAY 10:

- Experiencing mild dry lips and dry hair. Regular chapstick is enough to handle it at this point. I've taken to washing my hair less often (maybe every 3-4 days instead of every other day) and I've always used cold water and conditioner.

- I'm going through an pretty mild initial breakout, and have started to spot treat the major areas with small amounts of Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide.

- My skin is becoming much more sensitive to the sun. Yesterday, I had a long 1hr drive and my left arm got a mild sunburn from not wearing any sunscreen. Lesson learned.

- No joint, mood, or gastro-intestinal issues whatsoever.

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DAY 32:

Well it's definitely been awhile. After 2-3 weeks of not seeing any results (or sides) at 40mg/every other day. I bumped it up to 40mg everyday. So far I've noticed much dryer skin, oil production has gone way down, and my joints crack and need a bit of extra care. I picked up Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM for that and it's been working fantastic along with the Fish Oil.

I'm using Eucerin Dry Skin for body moisturization with great results.

Scalp is very itchy at times and I do a great job of avoiding scratching it. I usually wash my hair 2x each week (once without shampoo, only conditioner).

Lips are very very dry, not cracking or bleeding, but it gets incredibly dry if I don't apply my Blistex Lip Medex 6-8x daily.

As far as gym performance, it has continued increasing. I'm just much more careful about form and use a foam roller to work out any soreness.

Overall, my skin doesn't have ANY active acne spots at the moment which is great. At this point, I don't have any plans of increasing the dose any further. I think with another 4 months ahead of me at this dose, I will get the results I want without severe sides.

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DAY 68:

My posts are very rare because there isn't anything to report. Progress is improving daily, and side affects are very minimal. I can say that I have NO ACNE and it's been that way for more than a month now. Not even one spot. My scars are beginning to fade and my face has a perfect non-oily appearance. The only thing I've noticed now is very large scars and marks left over from old acne. I never noticed them before because they were mixed in with my acne. Maybe a few (3 months+) after finishing accutane, I'll have a chemical peel done to minimize the remaining scarring.

I can't believe it, it really is working. I have never had skin this well behaved in my life!

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