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Dark Chocolate

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I read that it helps affects your insulin to keep blood sugar levels down resulting in less breakouts? And it has a lot of antixodants ( sorry for spelling? )


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It does have a lot of antioxidants. I've never heard it helps your blood sugar levels, but it's very possible. As long as it has little sugar, you're good to go. I love dark chocolate. Aim for at least 70%, though it still does have a lot of sugar. The higher the percentage the better, because obviously the cocoa content is higher, but the chocolate will also have less sugar.

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Eating dark chocolate has a similar effect on me than drinking coffee, which results in possible breakouts.

I still scrape some 100% dark chocolate over fruits once in a while.

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I am pretty sure chocolate is one of the few things that I have correlated with breakouts and I think it may well be the actual Cocoa itself rather than the accompanying sugar and/or saturated fat.

I know this has been posted before but here have been studies recently that seem to be finding that there may actually be a link between chocolate and acne and not just because of the sugar thing.

It always intrigues me how the paleotards wont touch the "poisonous" grains or sugar because our ancestors didn't eat them but then they happily justify eating chocolate when quite clearly the majority of peoples ancestors didn't touch the stuff either. Unless you have a large South American heritage then it is very likely that you and your ancestors have only been consuming cocoa products for a couple of hundred years if that. Does that actually mean anything either way?

There is plenty of stuff out there saying Cocoa is bad for you for various reasons as well as being good for you. Funny how we like to justify things to ourselves when the ol' senses are involved. Can only deprive yourself so much.

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I have actually tested dark chocolate and I think I am intolerant to it. Within a few hours of eating it, I get an under the skin nodule on my neck or jawline in the same area every single time. This is organic 85% as well.

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Chocolate is a great superfood. I've been skipping the chocolate bars altogether and adding raw cacao powder to my smoothies- that way you are only sweetening it with fruit instead of sugar.

I don't know what to think, There is a lot of hatred towards coco, just like soy. Its very debatable as to whether its actually good for you.

the studies on dark chocolate are often misinterpreted or bent a little attract more people to health websites. For instance, people always use the Harvard study on dark chocolate which says one square a day may lower blood pressure. People go to far in assuming that eating a whole bar will better the effects...

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