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Hey Guys!

I have been doing the 'regimen' for nearly 15 months now, and even though it is really helpful, it has never got rid of my acne fully, not even nearly but the difference is amazing. My problem is that have never moisturised.. At the start my skin was way to oily to moisturise and when I did my skin would look absolutely disgusting and greasy. Every now and again when my skin would get dry I would start trying to moisturise again but I would get the same overly greasy skin.

All this time I have been using Cetaphil moisturiser from the products guide and every time I use it I get yellow heads... pimples.. black heads.. the whole lot! I can't help but think moisturising does me no good and just cloggs up my skin? Am i using the wrong type for my skin? Should I try different products? Should I stop using it completely?

Please help!!!

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I would switch moisturiser. I personally can't use cetaphil moisturisers either, way too heavy for me.

You could try using jojoba oil as a moisturiser instead, which sounds crazy since you're oily, but it's really good for bleak/white heads (clogged pores) and absorbs really quick.

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Yes, you should try switching moisturizers. Dan's is the only one that doesn't break me out... You may want to give it a try... :)

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For some reason a few people on the board who don't use cetaphil, either use Dan's moisturizer or Cerave. You might want to try either of the two.

Cetaphil works great for me though. It hasn't given me any problems using it with the regimen.

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