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Hi I've been on accutane for a little over a month and my acne is clearing up. But my face is ether really Red! Or pink! It sucks I'm out side skateboarding everyday in sunny California for at least 6 hours a day I wear oil free spf 55 sunscreen I apply it every 1.5 to 2 hours why is my face still red or pink!!! Please help me

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make sure its not dryness that is causing the change.

i got 3 shades darker since i dint use proper care while using accutane.

it was winter and i dint use moisturiser for sometime while on accutane.

so figure out ur need.

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i will be wrong if i jump in conclusion but what i'm saying is..since accutane is suppose to effect ur sebaceous glands..be careful and use moisturiser IF NEEDED.

IF u feel dry that is.

are u lips dry?

what power of accutane are u taking?

for how long?

what is the weather there like?


but i suggest u please avoid the sun as much as u can.

its not a great thing when on accutane or evn when using topical stuff.

anything topical u r using?

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is ur face dry?specially after taking accutane?lips?

avoid sun by all means.

a low% bha wash is apt for acne prone skin.

but when i was on accutane(it was winter here..i'm from a tropical country) i was given a cleansing lotion for sensitive skin.it was moisturising as well.so u might not need a cream at all.

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