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The Best Tips For Preventing Acne

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Pimples are the small monsters that were creating havoc in the lives of many people since long. They are skin lesions or inflammations of the skin that are commonly a result of clogged or infected pores. The clogging is a result of a type of oil called sebum that lubricates skin in addition to hair. Pimples also develop when the blackheads or whiteheads get infected. Hormonal overdrives are also a prime source of pimples. These monsters can’t be eradicated completely, but their breakouts may be prevented. Here are some important tips that may help you avoid and clear them up as fast as possible.

6 - Tips for Preventing Acne :

1 - Lime juice and rose drinking water mixed in equal proportions may be applied over the infected area and washed off after 20-30 min's with lukewarm water. This may have astonishing effects.

2 - Green Tea: Green tea extract can help cleanse the entire body and adds polyphenols that assist strengthen cells. All these properties of teas aid just like water inside cleaning the body/organs and preventing/reducing acne.

3 - Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fish made up of Omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent acne. They can also reduce obesity when consuming foods elevated in omega-3 fatty acids and help prevent cancer growth.

4 - Some foods that contain high amounts of % daily value of omega-3 efas are walnuts, salmon, sardines, soybeans, shrimp, halibut, in addition to tofu. By incorporating many of these foods we can gain many health benefits subsequently.

5 - Washing the face 2-3 times every day is beneficial. Orange peel natural powder, made by powdering dry orange peels can be employed for washing the face instead of soap. It is refreshing in addition to smells good too.

6 - Foods elevated in Anti-oxidants: Foods such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, black/red coffee beans, certain apples (granny smith, gala), plums, cranberries, pecans, and others may help greatly in preventing acne. Additionally it is advised to eat a balanced diet including all of the food groups in preventing acne. With these anti-oxidants incorporated within our diet we can increase the fight in preventing acne.

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except for green tea i dnt seem to have anything for my anti-oxidant.

which is sad,really!

i've heard black grapes has anti-oxdnt.

i've also heard papaya and grapes(simple green ones) are good for overall skin.


also, i was wandering if almost every fish has good omega-3-FA or just salmon in good amount?

salmon or many kind of berries are not at all common here.

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I think they should add #7 Hydration. smile.png

I read *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules*drinking enough or more water daily will prevent acne. Because it can prevent your skin from getting oily thss eliminating one of the factors that will cause acne. Makes sense right? smile.png

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