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Hello my fellow Canadians (fellow Earthlings if you're from elsewhere). I just started "The Regimen" and here are the products I'm using in the order I use them:

1. Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser

2. Clean & Clear Advance 3 in 1 Cleanser Cream Benzoyl peroxide 5% (I couldn't find any 2.5%)

3. Dove Men's Face Lotion Hydrate with SPF 15 (I usually use Cetaphil, but my friend wouldn't shut up about this so I'm trying it out)

Many times during my research and in this website, I've heard Gel-based BP is better than the cream and I would love to use a Gel-based solution exception for one tiny problem: I can't find any!

The Shopper's Drug Mart I live near only has the above BP product (which is mainly why I bought it... for $15 eusa_wall.gif)

Can anyone suggest an effective Gel-based benzoyl peroxide 2.5% product sold in Canada? I live in Scarborough and some near by stores include: Shopper's Drug Mart, Target (newly opened), Metro.......Farther away there is: Walmart, Sears, The Bay.

Any and all help is deeply appreciated (Also feel free to critique the other products I'm using and advise me if you think I'm doing something wrong).


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I'm not sure a gel-based one exists in Canada but I would be very interested in hearing about it too if one does.

I was able to find Spectro's 2.5% BP in the two Pharmaprix stores that I looked in so it's odd that Shoppers doesn't necessarily carry it elsewhere. That's a cream though. It works just fine but I'm finding Dan's gel-based BP to be superior so far (it's only been a couple of days, so it's a little soon to truly say, but so far it's superb).

For me, since I was using Spectro, it's considerably cheaper to get the BP treatment from acne.org, even with postage; Spectro was costing me about $9 after tax for a tiny 25ml bottle, compared to about $23 incl shipping for 236ml (8oz) from acne.org (tip: shipping the acne.org products is somewhat cheaper if you buy them from US Amazon for some reason). In other words, that's $36 vs $10 per 100ml and an absolute no brainer for me. So what I'm trying to say is if you can handle the slightly higher initial outlay, you might consider getting your BP from acne.org.

I couldn't seem to find the exact Clean and Clear BP product you mentioned but I noticed it has 'cleanser' in the name - is this something you're leaving on your skin or is it getting rinsed off afterwards?

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Benzagel Spot On.

I haven't tried it myself yet, but it's 2.5% bp, a gel solution, and doesn't have any of the comedogenic ingredients Dan tells you to avoid. Found it at a Shoppers in Toronto.

It's $15 though, for only 15mL. Yikes.

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shipping the acne.org products is somewhat cheaper if you buy them from US Amazon for some reason

Just to confirm, you bought them off US Amazon with no problems with extra fees when they come to your door? That would be excellent. I'm suspicious because Amazon.ca has the large BP listed as $80.

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