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No one talks to me at work they only talk to the pretty girls. I wish I could work from home and not have to deal with people I'm ugly with acne scars. I missed a lot of high school because I was bullied which means I'm not to smart and I feel like it shows. They took all my work away from me. Why is life so hard I just want to enjoy it!!!!

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work hard and keep on researching on treating ur skin. There are good treatment options out there.

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I understand the high school part. I was bullied pretty badly that was before I broke out with cystic acne at like 19. When I graduated I was like ok time for anew start then bam acne happened. Now I have pretty bad scaring and it sucks.

I have no social life. All I do is go to work then go straight home. Then the viscous cycle starts all over again. I try to hold back anxiety attacks all day. Sucks. So yea I can relate.

All I can tell you is what I tell myself, just hang in there. Maybe something awesome will happen. I'm 31 so I'm getting old but I still feel like I'm young enough to have some kind of hope. Just be optimistic. I know its hard, I have trouble staying that way. But thats all we can do. So just chill.

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