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Exercising With Acne

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Hello All,

I'm just getting started on the Regimen (possibly tomorrow if my order arrives then). I'm a pretty avid triathlete (swim, bike, run)and I'm worried about the excessive irration. How should I handle each of these sports? For swimming its in chlorine water (at least when I train) so I have to make sure I time my swimming so that I wash and moisturize after. For biking I'm wearing a bike helmet (irratation galore, along with prolonged sun exposure). For running and weight training its just sweat city. Could someone recommend easy ways I can cut down on the irration this could cause?

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I am interested in responses to this. I weight train a lot and I find myself lowering the intensity of my workouts in order to avoid sweating as much. My skin begins to look disgusting when I sweat and I am constantly terrified that new pimples are forming every second I stay sweaty.

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Hello... This is a common concern for many active regimen users. I am also an active person that works out 4 to 5 times a week. If you are concerned with sweating and irritation, you may want to schedule your regimen time around your workouts. For example, if you work out in the morning, follow with your morning regimen and vice versa for your evening regimen. If you tend to workout during the middle of the day, like me, just gently dab your face to remove excessive sweat. Some users do a "light wash", like splashing tepid water on your face and follow with moisturizer, then perform your evening regimen as per usual. Hope this helps and good luck with the regimen. Keep us up to date on your progress! :)

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