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I am sick and tired of acne and, how much time I spend researching, how much minutes spent scrutinizing my face in the mirror, how much sorrow I feel staring at a mirror, how I have used so many products all over my face, how I'm more self-conscious and aware of how to keep good skin but never have experienced it for a while, how in awe I am at seeing other peoples clear skin, how much time I have wasted in my life worrying about acne, how much events I missed because of acne, how much moments that were never created because of acne, how my confidence is killed every time I see my face, how I have to feel that I'm unlucky, how I never take pictures, how acne has changed my personality, how acne has brought anger and rage in my life, of how people look at my pimples, of how I'm never taken seriously, how my opinion matters to other people based on how much acne I have, how so many people suffer from acne, how acne has slowly taken control of my life, and how helpless and alone I feel now.

today is a win for for acne

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along with the other poeple on this board that have commented, i know exactly what u mean and feel the same. it has happened and continues to bappen to me. Have faith though, one day the sun willtruly shine for u and u will be clear and u will persevere

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This is an extremely sad post, but it describes the emotions of an acne sufferer perfectly. There are moments in life that bear much greater consequences than having acne. For example, graduating college. Even if I have acne, I have to get my shit together and graduate, because my future depends on it. One day you'll be clear and you'll look back regretfully at the things you didn't do or weren't able to do because you were too preoccupied with your acne.

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