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I have been on a Solodyn, Ziana regimen for over 2 weeks (3 this coming Wednesday). I definitely noticed new spots popping up since starting the regimen but things are becoming a bit smoother now. I've gotten a few big, painful ones since starting (especially around the upper cheek and temple area), but I feel as though they should be on their way out. My acne was moderate to begin with and the Ziana has certainly caused unsightly redness at times. How long until I actually start seeing great improvements in my skin? Has anyone experienced an initial breakout that lasted over 3 weeks? This would literally be a nightmare scenario for me. I need things to get better desperately because my confidence is shot. Does anyone have any encouraging success stories?

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Encouraging?.. You be the judge..

Confidence is a child influence under the parent term ego. It is subject to change entirely by the information your brain processes take in...

consider this for moment... If everyone you met... including your friends.. strangers on the street.. your cousins.. or your grandmother..

all had the exact same case of acne would your confidence be shot?

Nope.. not at all.

But thats not how reality is, is it?

Dont worry about reality.. and how you feel right NOW. Just know that in a single moment.. maybe even after reading this post.. that your confidence might undergo a sudden change.

In a nutshell: You need to see where you are currently. And compare that to where you want to be.

Got it?

After that all you have to do.. is cut the fat.

Is there anything.. that you can do right now now that MIGHT help better your situation? As long as your working on where you want to be, your ego will correct itself in time, the same way a plane flies by correcting it's course until it reaches it's destination.

As for my story. Heck yes. Ive tried at least a hundred different things until I decided to start looking elsewhere and start reading material/understanding labels myself.

I F'd up my skin a number of times before I decided to try something new.. and it's a hurdle you must get over before anything good starts to happen. But the great thing is.. it's possible.

After 2 years of "doing it wrong so I can get it right" I have:

The correct diet

Face-wash regimen

& Excercise plan

that works for me and my bodies make-up. And you can do the same - all it requires is a little testing.

You can do it.. Just hang in there.

-Wishing you the best.

The King of Acne

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KingofAcne, I appreciate your response. You make quite a few good points regarding confidence being contained in one's perception of self and that treatment really requires positive thinking, as well as patience. I checked out your page and, while I'm impressed that you cleared up with all natural methods, my patience is probably incomparably short. As treatments, Solodyn and Ziana have mixed reviews and I was basically inquiring as to people's success on this particular regimen. There are a few threads out there about this, but I'd like to hear others' opinions.

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Ive been on Solodyn for about 7 months off and on.....it did give me an inital breakout that lasted for about 2 weeks before i noticed my skin was clearing....ive stopped taking the Solodyn for about a month now and my doctor put me on a new bc called Lutera, ive been taking it for the past 2 months and im not breaking out nearly as bad. Before i was put on my new bc when i would stop taking the Solodyn i would break out after just a week or so. Im hoping the new bc will stop my break outs all together without the use of anti biotics....wishing you the best on getting clear smile.png

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PinkBunny41, thanks for your response! smile.png I've been on Solodyn in the past but I never really stuck with it for long enough to actually see what it can do. I was told by a dermatologist that, initially, it's only good to take it for 2 months and then stop. I understand that sort of sentiment, but I'd much rather be clear, because acne really does affect my self-esteem a lot! I'm always told I'm good looking when I'm not breaking out and I feel that way too. When I get a semi-serious breakout, however, I lose that sort of feeling and it's crippling in social situations with the opposite sex.

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Any other thoughts on or experiences with Solodyn and Ziana as treatments? It will be one month since I started the treatments yesterday and, though I'm seeing some results, it's not exactly what I want just yet. Hopefully within 2 weeks, things will really start to be more tame.

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