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The One Section Of Acne.org I Always Avoided

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First off this is the first day ever posting on acne.org in close to 10 years. I posted in a couple other sections today and saved this one for last. I always tried to avoid this section because I really understood and felt what people were going through with their acne and scars. I am a 29 year old asian male living in the United States who has battled acne/scars over half my life. I can't even explain in words how severe my acne was compared to most people who do suffer from it. This eventually led to me spending thousands of dollars on products and treatments, formation of acne scars, and affecting me psychologically. After all these years battling this condition I have only recently seen major improvements in my acne and scars. I thank God and all the hard work is finally paying off. I am in no way completely 100 percent cured but definitely making progress. I write you all this post today to just hang in there and not let this crap bother you. It has affected me and in some ways controlled my life for many years and I decided I am not going to let it do this to me anymore. My 30s forward I will enjoy everything life has to offer and not let this little thing stop me from doing so. To be completely honest it has had an impact on my education, work, social gatherings, relationships etc. I know it sounds pathetic but I thought I would just put it all out there. I think I'm at the age where I just simply dont give a ........

Anyways I just want to let everyone know I truly understand first hand what your all going through. For some of you people, and this is just my opinion are lucky that its not severe. I looked at some of the photos of you guys on here and chuckled how great your skins looked. This site has been good and bad for me. The good part is I learned so many different products and procedures you could have but also it had me spending so much money because I wanted to try everything recommended. Good luck to you all.

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I have had numerous laser treatments and this is just my experience. First off I been to a few different consultations and they won't do Co2 fractional laser on my face because its to risky for asian skin. Major chance of hyperpigmentation and I wont take that chance. Plus at 2500-3000 a treatment I would be extremely disappointed if I didnt see drastic results.

I had smoothbeam laser done and it was very ineffective on my skin and didnt really see any results. I had multiple fraxel restore treatments done and I saw some results but definitely not worth the price I paid. I have had 2 pixel 2940 treatments done and I saw the best results with this laser. Its alot more affordable than the fraxel because there are no replacement parts after each treatment. I have heard its the exact same thing as the fraxel restore but again the tip doesnt need to be replaced so they can offer it at a cheaper price. Just make sure they used the maximum setting which I believe is 1400 and have mutliple passes over the face. I saw very good results but I think it was a combination of diet, exercise and laser to be honest. It costed me a little over 500 a treatment which is still expensive but way less than what I paid for the fraxel. I have seen a good 40-50 percent improvement after those two treatments.

good diet-veggies, fruits, fish oil, vitamin c pills, multivitamin and drink almost a gallon of water a day

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