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Hey guys!! I had an idea yesterday -- I just bought a Sirius Aurora Light Therapy System with blue light (and green and red). It's been working realllllly well to kill bacteria on my skin and heal deep blemishes extremely fast... So I had a thought... I know that every time you do make-up you put p. acnes and staph and all sorts of organisms back into your powder make-up... It always bothered me that there was nothing I could really do about it.. But yesterday I decided to "treat" my open make-up pods with blue light :-D (my one concern was that it would change the pigments in some way, but that didn't happen, make up still looks and feels the same -- I use Korres Mineral Wild Rose Foundation and Bare Minerals Sunkissed(?) powder and in the summer I use Summer Bisque concealer).

I used a fair amount of make up yesterday and this morning woke up with NO new blemishes, fewer and completely healed ones, too! this might be solely because of the light therapy on my skin, but I just thought I'd share.

<3 Be well! Any questions, or feedback, I'm all ears.

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you could also set it in the sun, if you don't have such a light. UVA kills. They use UVA cabinets for some tools and equipment in hospitals and labs.

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