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Claravis - Week By Week

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Hi here's my Claravis (accutane) journey so far! Feel free to post your stories too :)

So I started Claravis 3/6/2013 which was two weeks ago! It's been good so far

My acne isnt "bad" it's just persistent! I've had acne since 8th grade I am 19 now. My acne fluctuates every year but this year it got really bad on my back and chest. Minimal shoulder acne and on my cheeks mostly. Acne isn't fun and it's hard to live with it! But you gotta keep your head up!:) talk to someone who loves you! My girlfriend always makes me feel so good about myself and she always reassures me that she thinks I'm good looking and that she loves me! Find your person too!

Week 1 - skin was normal, my body was getting used to the medicine nothing to crazy

Week 2 - lips starting to get a little dry not too bad and I go some lame cyst by my nose it was so embarrassing. Also a few white heads on my cheeks

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i can feel your embarrassment .... my colleague said to me that he really wanted to poked at my whitehead .... ...what?? neutral.gif i have no words for him...haha

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I just got my first Claravis dose today! I'm ready to get rid of my acne but I know it's going to take a while. And yes, you gotta stay positive and confident even though it may be difficult. well, I gotta keep my head up and sit tight for a couple of months. smile.png

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@misscha wow that's not cool! Some people are so lame but it's okay they don't know any better :/ were gonna have good skin soo soon!

@katie yay! I'm glad that you got it!! Make sure to eat healthy drink water, and be sure to stay positive just keep thinking of the end result! :)

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Good luck with your course. Acne sucks but accutane most of the time will heal you up. I have used it a few times so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me

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hey guys its been a few days since my last post, im now in day 20 of my accutane, its been okay not as bad as people say it is. my lips are gettimg drier but i find that if i apply a lot of chapstick at night and i put on a lot of lotion at night then in the morning and next day my skin ownt be as dry at ALL. also the blemishes on my body are going away quickly! they get filled with a lot of white and then the start to go down in size but i dont pop them anymore cause i popped one and it was red for days! ;( my face is doing well i can see a lot of blackheads now on my nose (ive never had blackheads) believe it or not until now, thats a good sign i guess that its working! im almost done wth my first month and i have my appt next friday! im pumped :)

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Day 22 of my accutane. Neosporin has been a godsend! I got some at the dollar store and I put it on every blemish that was scanned over or just an open wound and literally overnight in two days it has gotten tremendously better! My skin is finally healing! All the open sores on my back and chest are now closed and finally the IB has stopped for now! I am getting a little more confidence to go out :D! It's been amazing! My skin is less oily BUT damn I popped a tiny one on my cheek today and I looked an hour later and it was SUPER red! Like as if I picked at it all day! That was a bad idea so I haven't touched it since. I don't want scars :(

Also! My skin has never ever been this sensitive! I work out doors so it's easy for me to get cuts on my hands or just scrapes and my hands were covered with scratches as if I was running my knuckles on sandpaper! Very frustrating.. Anywho I'm getting my blood work on Sat! I hope it all goes well :/ I had cholesterol of 201 the first time so I'm scared! I've been taking milk thistle every day along with zinc, selenium, vitamin e, and cranberry pills! Also glucosamine! I'll post again soon :) I'm happy my skin is clearing up!

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Day 24! i got my bloodwork done today so hopefully it all went well! ill find out my results next friday. my skin is doing really well, all of the ance on my back and chest is finally healed up and they are just red spots or small scabs. i shaved my face yesterday so today it looks great! shaving always helps my skin to peel all the dead skin off and never leaves my skin too dry just sorta matte colored. im very happy wiith my skin as of now so hopefully it all goes well!

every morning when i wake up i get a few whiteheads that dont even have a body they are just super tiny ones that dissapear after a day. my chest and shoulders are still very itchy and i find that if i apply a generous amount of chapstick at night then the next day my lips are cool!

i hope anyone out there who takes accutane has hope cause things are looking up! :)

happy easterbanana.gif

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Day 28 - Pill #29 (I took one the first day)

Well it's pretty much my one month done on Accutane!! Ugh my skin has gotten SO much better! This is the best medication ever, I've been experiencing very little side effects and only positive things!

My skin has been normal just barely dry knuckles and elbows. My lips have been a little chapped but not too bad and the acne has subsided greatly!

Let's see my back acne is all just dry scabs, the chest acne is all just red marks instead of actual blemishes, and my face doesnt produce much oil anymore.

A month ago when I would wake up I would have an oily face and back, but now it's like matte! Also when I get a blemish it will pop up in the morning, then by noon it will have a white head, and then by night it's subsiding and then by the next morning it's dry and it like goes back into your body and disappears!

Goodluck everyone out there :) you can do it!

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Day 33 - pill 34

Stuff is going very well! My doctor appointment went well and my blood was great!! I got another refill of 40mg again. My doc said since my akin is responding well to it he's not gonna up the dose cause that's when side effects and acne come back!

My face is doing so well! I'm very happy and confident now! I don't have oily skin anymore and my bacne is going away! I don't wash my face anymore or put on any topical.

My lips are dry but not as bad as people say. I put Chapstick on 2 times a day. And I don't need lotion. My arms aren't too dry just a little.

The only thing that sucks is that if I scuff my hand or fingers they cut and don't heal for a while. I have a scratch from a week ago and it's still there. It's all good tho. I also notice the spots on my face that were deeper red marks (hyperpigmentation) are fading day by day :) its returning to my white skin tone :D

I'm so pumped to start month 2! Of its as good as #1 then I'm in for a good one!

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