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real maverick

New Forum Structure

Wowowowow Fabian! I just got your PM, which triggered me to come back here. Thank you very much for your kind words, but please... The decision to leave was mine and mine alone, these people have nothing to do with it. In fact, having worked with them very closely for a long time, they have practically become family. And trust me, I didn't always agree with them either, on the contrary, we've had our fights. I'm sorry that you hated to see me go, but please don't take it out on them, ok? I see the frustration in your posts, but it's not appreciated. You should be mad at me then, for again, it was my decision, no one forced me. fwiw: I'm pretty sure that there are several members who partied once they found out that I had left wink.png I know the current moderators and I know they are amazing, give them some credit.
As for this topic, from one Dutchman to another: stfu! (you must appreciate the honesty tongue.png). I totally get where you're coming from, I understand why members are complaining, but come on... You're acting as if something terrible has happened to mankind. Relax, ok? And tone it down a bit. I'm sure that you can have a decent conversation without being rude. Yes yes, I know...us Dutchies are pretty straightforward in our communication, but you have to understand that it's not like that everywhere else. And posts and emails are different from talking in person, people feel attacked much sooner. Even though your intentions are good, I can see that, the way you communicate them sucks, sorry.
Sooooo...Paul, when do you unmerge the red marks and scar forums? tongue.pnglol.gif
And AyeAye! wavey.gif I miss you, silly woman! Hey, when has the world stopped revolving around you anyway? What did I miss? wink.png (meh, don't answer)
Be well, everybody! biggrin.png
eta...I just realized that this is almost entirely off-topic... neutral.gif
Edited by AKL

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Hi Fabian! I believe you, I know how us Dutchies communicate sometimes ;) Please don't be sad, I'm sure you'll find that the current mods are seriously cool! But thanks again, the amount of support and kindness that I've received from members was just overwhelming. Our members are the bestest! :)
I also think you've made some good points with regards to the scar forum, I'm pretty sure that Admin and the mods see it, too. imo there's just no need to be so negative, it won't help bring forums back any sooner, all it does is divert attention from the topic.

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And why is the rant from that moderator not nasty? For example about how she was brought up by her parents that the world does not revolve around her. That message is clear, namely that the members who keep complaining are being selfish and egocentric because they don't get what they want

Fabian, you are absolutely right. My point was poorly expressed and I apologise.

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