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I'm on Day 16 of Accutane and the dry skin and lips side effects started to kick in about 2 days ago.

It is peeling mostly in the areas where I had the worst acne, which is my lower cheeks towards my mouth.

While I do know the medicine is working (40 mg/day right now if anyone is curious), I'm wondering, does the flaky and peeling dry skin last the entire time I'm on accutane or just for these first few weeks? Even though I'm willing to brave this treatment to get rid of bad acne once and for all (not including the occasionally one or two I mean), I'm hoping my skin won't have to look so dry the entire time.

If anyone is curious, I'm using Aquaphor for my lips and just dabbing this Avon Moisture Replenish cream on the areas for relief.

Thanks for any help guys.

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Yes, it will last the entire time, unfortunately. It might even get worse than it is now. I recommend using the Cetaphil moisturizing cream for your face.

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Mine went through a dry stage with peeling and cracking and about week 6 it stopped. My skin looks really good. My lips are still dry but nothing you can see. So, no, it doesn't have to last the entire time:) I use Cetaphil for a moisturizer.

Week 9 40mg Myorisan

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Hello Tracy! I'm on the exact same brand and dosage as you at the current moment. Do you mind if we keep up with each other's progress? I know you're like 6 weeks ahead of me but you'll be a great reference.

Thanks so much for your advice.

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Not at all. How's the dry skin? If it's still bothering you, you could use a cool mist vaporizer at night to put moisture in the air(especially since it's winter) I also use Evian spritz on my face and then put on the Cetaphil cream while its still wet to lock in the moisture. I'm after counting it up and deleting the days I missed(because of the 30 day rule and my derm is so hard to get into) I am on day 65 which is less than what I thought:( oh well. Still chugging along and no ane since about 6 weeks.

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I mostly cured my dryness (170 pounds 60 mg a day btw; and 6 months in) with a humidifier in my house running all the time, Aquaphor for my lips, vitamin E type body lotion, and intensive type lotion for my face. Apply the intensive skin care lotion to face once a day after shower, body lotion only on the occasional dry spots (for some reason the back of my neck) and Aquaphor all day long as needed. Acne gone. No aches. No pains, no depression. occasional bloody nose. no hairloss. no oily skin. smaller pores, but definitely chapped lips from time to time.

Oh one more thing. If you are not peeing clear while NOT taking accutane you are dehydrated. If you are not peeing clear all the time while ON accutane you are very very dehydrated. Water is the greatest moisturizer and liver healthy "product" you can consume while on accutane. And remember HUMIDIFIER in your home.

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I wish this website would notify me of replies much better. I never get around to seeing them til days later....

Anyways, so the scabs have been peeling and I'm on Day 31...things are actually looking up. Like, wow!

I have discovered the marvel of drinking lots of water. My lips aren't dry and neither is my skin. Still some peeling though but it's not unbearable.

I should think about the humidifier though...just to see how much it helps. I notice I actually heal better when my scabs are DRY than when they are wet. Slow healing but better than nothing. They have started falling after 2ish weeks of forming and staying there.

I don't realy wash my face in the shower now either. I use wettened cotton pads to scrub around my scabs.

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