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Vitex/b6 Help Me. :) Female Issues Warning!

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I ran a little experiment last month that really made me think that these supplements were helping me.

I have taken Vitex and B6 on and off for the last 8 years or so to help me have better menstrual cycles. Without these supplements, I have 25 day cycles with a lot of spotting for the last week before my period, and very little ovulation signs. With these supplements, I get 5 solids days of fertile signs leading up to ovulation, no spotting, and 28 day cycles. I had stopped for a while, and then started again last fall.

I never thought about the connection to my skin until last month. Sorry if TMI, but my husband and I were going away for a romantic weekend, and I needed my period to start early so that I wouldn't still have it while we were away, so I decided to skip my vitex and B6 for the whole month preceding to make my cycle shorter. It worked; my period came three days early, but my skin reacted very poorly: 4 inflamed pimples on my chin that took a week to come to head, broke open on their own, redeveloped heads, and spread underneath the skin to form new ones next to the old ones, before healing. I actually ended up having a big bloody scab on my chin while we were away. :(

I started the vitex and B6 the day my period came and my skin started clearing up almost immediately. I know this is not scientific, but I didn't change my topicals during that time. I suppose this means I do have some sort of estrogen dominance issues, which I will investigate.

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