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I Am Clear I Want You All To Try This

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i have exaggerated in the past and said that i was clear but i was not. i did this when i tried zinc oxide or a few other things. i feel bad about lying about those things because it turns out that they did not work out for me in the end. now though, i am actually 98% percent clear and i am serious, telling the truth. I have one super tiny white head under my left mouth side and a medium cyst next to my right cheek only caused by fish oil. i know it was the fish oil because last time i had the same acne. i was never really 98% clear until today. The cyst will go away and i do not think i will 100% clear my acne until i grow out of it. but, now i am 98% clear which means i get 1 small barely veiwable whitehead once a week. before i had 22 pimples on my face a day and 10 on my back. my back is 100% clear and so is my chest. this is how i did it. it is actually quite simple but very hard and takes a lot of time. i changed my diet. it is the hardest most strick diet that i have even been on. i am a male 18 years old and this is really the only diet i have ever been on. i am not sure this will work for everyone but i hope it does. i will list for you guys everything that i do not eat. but first let me explain a little. i had acne since i was 9. i went to the doctor and i was given antibiotics and differin/duac. it worked until i had some very rare but horrible symtoms from the drugs. i went off them last april and had the worst acne of my life. i have had this horrible acne for the past 11 months. it has left horrible scarring and redness but i think in time these will mostly fade by using lemon and time. i had tired 20 different things for my acne. i finally realized that my acne was caused by my high insulin levels and insulin resistance. as a child i ate horribly and i ate everything sweet. i lived off sugar basically. today i eat less than 10g of sugar a day not counting the sweet potatoes i eat.

ok. if your story sounds like mine this will most likely work for you. i have found lots of research proving diet causes acne. there are islands were no one has acne such as kitava. look it up. it will blow your mind. they eat a paleo diet.

my diet is pretty much paleo and it is very difficult. i saw huge improvement when i cut out all proccessed foods. i only became 98% clear when i cut out dired fruit, fruit juice, fruits, and all bread/grains. the thing is i cut fruits and grains on the same day. so maybe fruits are ok, i do not know. i have a theory that my insulin resistance is so bad that fruits spike my insulin. i was eating high glycemic fruits such as bananas and pineapples. i put nothing on my face anymore and it still has stayed clear.

here is everything i no longer eat:

baked goods or sweets




white rice (i am not sure yet if brown rice is the culprit too so i don't know if you can guys can eat it or not)

fruit juice

dried fruits

fruits such as pineapple or banana (high glycemic)

any dairy: why protein, milk, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, etc.



whipped cream/ sour cream

-icecream or soda

here is what i do eat:

eggs (2 = 140 calories

sausages (120 calories

oatmeal (i don't know about oatmeal, it is a grain so i might cut it i will explain at the end) (250 claories) sprinkled with cinnamon

1 cup brazil nuts (900 calories)

plantain chips (140 claories)

popcorn (280 calories = 6 cups)

lots of meat like chicken, lamb, or turkey minced meat


sweet potatoes (i live off these lol)

turkey jerkey

more meat and more veggies

sugar free almond milk

ginger tea, green tea unsweetened



avocado(300 cal)

the paleo -ish diet is so hard. i know dan did a blog on it and said how hard it was but he said it kept him clear

i have never had skin this good or so not oily ever.

it took about 2 months to see results but i only dropped dired fruit and grains a week ago and that it when i became 98% clear whereas before it was about 75%.

at first when i started this diet i felt great, but that ha subsided. i do not know why grains seem to cause acne for me. the only reason i do this diet is because i get no more acne. i am not sure it is worth it though. u really get no pleasure from eating. i might be going through withdrawl though since i cut all sugar. as crazy as that sounds it is true. i kind of feel like i did when i quit porn, not depressed, just really hopeless. remember, out ancestors ate like this a long time ago and they had less diseases. it is hard though because i can not really eat out and sometimes there are not good options for me and i go hungry.

now about the fruit. i do not really beleive that fruit cause acne but i want to cut all sugar. ironically i still eat sweet potatoes and have no acne so it is probably because i cut the grains. on the flip side, it is easier for my mom to cook for me. she just cooks some meat and vegetables and if i am hungry (you always are when you eat paleo) i eat a sweet potato. another good calorie food is avocado which is 300. i think it will be hard for me to do this in college but i am happy at the moment with my clear skin even though my skin is very inflamed and the red marks are very bad. at least the active acne is like only 1 small whitehead. so i urge you all to try this for a month if you can make it. i think 2 weeks is long enough to see a difference. you can not cheat or you are wasting your time. no soda, no juice, no coffee, no dried fruit, etc. i will stick around on the boards and try to help people and not be a nuisance haha. so my diet is called paleo low sugar according to me. i urge you all to try it. i think that acne is caused by diet but i am not sure. i have read about 1 person who claimed to have a perfect diet and still had acne but who can you beleive on the internet. so i want you to post your results here. also buy a book on it as it has lots of recipes. you do not need to book though. i do not think i am allowed to advert on here so i will not post the title of the book i bought but i can tell you it was cheep. good luck to everyone whether or not you choose to try this. i hope that in some way we can all permanently get rid of our acne.

sorry for the spelling mistakes if there are any.

correction: i had acne since i was 11 not 9.

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There are a lot of things you can eat on paleo. I highly recommend the website paleoomg.com - it has some amazing recipes.

Glad Paleo worked for you. I did 3 months pretty strictly and it never helped my acne at all.

I restarted it this month so we'll see.

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I got acne when I was 10 and ate horribly as well. Literally everything I ate was processed and never ate fruits or vegetables.

I first started with the raw food diet and that helped me lose weight and make my skin kind of better. The bad part was that I wasn't getting enough nutritionally from it because I couldn't afford it. I was tired, moody, and my face was gaunt looking. Just so you know I was only 16.

After i turned 17 last year I switched to paleo and I could totally see the difference. My face filled out and I easily gained muscle. My skin and hair looked a lot healthier and glowy, but I was still breaking out. :/ although I think it was because of stress.

The paleo food selection seems varied to me. Maybe because the raw food diet was so bland and cold, but having cooked vegetables and eggs now seems like a treat.

The less processed foods I eat the better my skin looks. The biggest factor for me is that I have to eat high fat foods. By fat I mean the healthy kind. I look and feel, by far, the best when I eat high amounts of fat from oils, meat, nuts, and seeds.

I eat fruit and I don't feel as though the sugar breaks out my skin. I just can't believe that it is the same as eating sugar from a cookie or cake.

Grains have gluten and I think gluten is what you are trying to avoid because that spikes your insulin levels, as well as sugar. Also, it is hard for you to digest. Oatmeal would be okay to eat because it doesn't have gluten in it, I think. Don't mark my words on it.

I eat breads that are from sprouted grains. Some people from the paleo world even admit that you should be able to eat sprouted grains. I'm not sure but I think it's because it doesn't raise your insulin levels and isn't as hard to digest.

Good luck with the paleo diet :) I hope that I can get the same results as you before I'm 18. To have almost clear skin would be amazing.

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