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Question About Almost Empty Bottles/pumps

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OK so my question is kinda complicated.

I started ordering the large BP bottles from Acne.org about a year ago. I still like using the regimine but these old bottles have gotten kinda hard to use lately.

I can still feel that the bottle has plenty of BP about 20% BP left in it but no matter how often I hit the pump nothing comes out. I have to shake it up then sometimes I'll get it to pump a little bit out but not much. Eventually I have to start just unscrewing the pump, shaking the bottle, then I remove the pump and use the inner tubing to smear the BP on my finger.

It's almost like the inner tubing doesnt reach all the way to the bottom of the jar.

Only had this problem the past year with the large containers just can't seem to pump out the last 20% of BP. Normally I wouldn't care but it's like $50 buck a pop to get that stuff shipped here and I want to get the most out of the container.

I worry about unscrewing the pump and using the inner tubing to smear the BP on my finger because I don't want to introduce bacteria into the container from my finger and cause any spoilage that I will later be putting back on my face.

How can I get the remaining BP out of the large container without doing what I have been doing? I'd like to be more sterile about it or use the pump again somehow. Ultimately I'd like to see the pumps have a longer inner tubing or be made so that they can get to the BP when it runs low like this. Thanks!

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