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Margarita Ashkinazi

Adding Skin Softener/toner To Regimen

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Hey guys:)

I have been using the regimen for almost a year I would say but it really dried out my skin:/ I still get flaky and stuff. Recently i found a really good moisturizer though (shiseido) that really helped moisturize. I want to try using a skin softener from the same company.. Its kinda like a toner, without alcohol, and its supposed to really help out with dryness. So my question is if I were to add the skin softener to my regimen, should I use it before or after applying BP? Thank you so much with any reply.

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Before, no doubt! I've been using the regimen for about four years now, and after the second year I started adding new products that I thought would help my face. I use a toner, night cream, eye cream, and serum all before applying BP. I feel like BP should always be on top.

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If you've been following the regimen for a year and are clear, its perfectly fine to start experimenting with different products. I completely agree with building beautiful, apply the toner before the BP.

Before I started following the regimen I used to use Shiseido products for about 10 years (including the skin softener), and I miss them so much (actually I mainly miss the smell), but since the regimen my skin has never looked better which I put down to AHA. Although I miss Shiseido products, I sure don't miss the cost! :)

Good luck with getting your skin hydrated, but remember to only make one change at a time and see how your skin goes. About 6 months into the regimen, I used an exfoliating pad (dermologica) and for two days my skin was glowing and amazing looking, but then I broke out severely. That was a good lesson for me to not muck around too much with the regimen.

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