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Stupid Question

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Stupid question, but i just received the acne.org 8oz bp and i was just wondering, can it be a 'fake one'? I ordered it from amazon, but the tube's paper lining thing is a bit creased, and the bp smells like white paint?! This is probably the worst post ever on here, but my previous bp smelt different.

Thanks, and sorry for the dumb question!! :)

Okay i just smelt it again and it really does not smell like bp at all, smells like paint?? :/

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Is there a way i can check it is genuine, dont wanna send it back - im in the uk

Take a pic and post it, but I believe they did mention some of the container's paper wasn't fitting properly so I wouldn't be concerned.

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Apparently some paints contain bp so that might be why? The tube is the same, just the paper has a few creases, its more the smell im worried about, as i was using bp before and it didnt smell like paint :/

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i never used dans bp before, just tried it and it has some very familiar smell but i cant remember, plus its kinda oily when i smear it with my fingers

is it normal, i ask because i used some other brand (5%) for a few years and it looks, smells and feels totally different, dans bp is more yellowish but note quite, hardly noticeable, its not perfectly white like the one i used before, did i got fake bp? how can i know if its real, it would be stupid if i use some shit on my face without knowing it, damn

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The outer material on the bottle is paper and it does have a unique smell to it. Take a picture of the bottle and the gel.

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i meant the smell of bp ^ ^

nevermind, its ok after all i guess, it is a little watery but shaking it does the trick somewhat, and it seems it works, time will tell

one good thing i noticed is that it doesnt dry the fuck out my skin like 5% did, i know its summer but still, my skin even looks more natural wtf (except from my typical tanned look which i dont mind since im pale lol), wish i ordered it sooner, i never thought 2,5% difference was that big, mind blown

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