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Is Breaking Out After 1 Week On The Regimen Normal Or Possibly The Result Of A Cleanser/moisturizer?

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Intro: I've been on the regimen for 1 week now and I've broken out worse than ever before. Now, I'm not going to be alarmist like a lot of people seem to be on the regimen but I am curious if this is a normal reaction.

From reading these forums for a number of days, I've heard of purging and am wondering if that's what this is.

Specifics: The breakouts are occurring exclusively on or around my chin despite having treated acne on all areas of my face (forehead, cheeks, etc).

The breakout consists entirely of whiteheads (which I normally don't get that often and almost never in that area).

I have been using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and Cerave non-comedogenic moisturizing lotion. (I am not able to have Dan's products shipped to me at the moment so please don't suggest that I switch).

I was using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for a week before discovering the regimen and did not experience any breakout problems so, if these breakouts are an abnormal response, the culprit is likely the Cerave moisturizing lotion. (But then again, why only around my jaw line?)

TL;DR: After 1 week on the regimen, I've had severe whitehead breakouts exclusively around my jaw line. Is this "purging" or is this a negative reaction to one of the products I'm using?

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Totally normal! I was breaking out even in my 3rd and 4th week. I only started seeing visible results in my 5th week. Stick with it because it is most proabably the skin purging effect.

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Completely normal. 2nd week into the regimen my skin was worse than it had ever been. Stick with it, be consistent and patient and hopefully you will have success. Good luck! :)

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Thanks to both of you! I'm trying to be pretty positive about this whole thing so here's hoping for an improvement.

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Nothing to be stressed over . I'm on month 5 of the regimen and I still breakout .

After the first month on the regimen everything will start becoming more smooth. Hopefully. Don't give up . Keep on trucking . Rome wasn't build in one day and acne will not clear in a day or a month. Consistency my friend.

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I had the same thing, my breakouts didn't stop until about the 6th week, thats when my skin really started to change and heal, stick it out, its worth it!

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