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Tomorrow First Time To Derm. Any Tips?

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ive had acne for almost 10 yrs now but dont ask why just now i go to derm. i was simply afraid and just shrugged it off with that id heal it myself with natural ways and or available products etc

i finally finally made this decision ><

idk what do i say yet and i just hope they prescribe something that works sooner already!

any tips you guys maybe can say for what to say to derm and/or what meds to ask for? should i go straight for tane maybe? im not afraid of consequences but only one-that acne doesnt go away! ><

im so sick of acne, i want to make it just a bad memories so much

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If you have had a long run with acne, and tried (I mean honestly tried- months atleast) many treatments, its okay to go to the derm seeking an Accutane treatment.

However, depending on the derm, he may want to let you try some prescription stuff out first. That's generally the procedure, but Accutane disposals have gained in recent years.

If your then at the prescription step, here's when you can speak up, you are patient! Ask him questions if you want cheer.gif regarding treatments you've read on the internet, what is his most prescribed treatment, will there be any oral antibiotics involved. Not only that, but if you have had bad experiences with certain products (retinoids for example) tell you want to avoid those things.

Basically, a good dermatologist will not see you for 2 minutes and then rush you out the door. He should listen to your special needs, concerns, and then proceed accordingly.

SOURCE: Went to the same derm for 2 years

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