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Why Don't You All Change You Diets?

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That way you could get rid of acne for good and wouldn't suffer anymore. I used to get pimples near my forehead and chin but since I switched to a vegan diet my acne is 100% gone. Why? because I fixed my leaky gut with probiotics, a vegan diet and started avoiding all dairy and gluten.

Why do you like suffering? just eat healthy and the acne will go away.

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For some people, it's not so easy...

For a start, being a student, it is near impossible for me to achieve a perfect diet, I'm also very social, what do you expect me to do after a night out? Prepare the most perfect vegan meal? For me a pizza is more like it.

I did this once, using diet to cure my acne, it actually worked, but I lost so much weight, I couldn't go on much longer, I enjoy the freedom of now being able to eat whatever I want.

I'm currently on a weight gaining diet consisting of a lot of meat, protein and other good stuff in combination with a good workout, and I tell you what, it's very satisfying.

I would respect most vegan people more, if they didn't try and force their opinion on other people.

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There are other ways to control your acne like shrinking the size of your pores and reducing sebum production.

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I know vegans and vegetarians that eat clean and still struggle with acne. You can't really generalize that since it works for you that it will work for other people.

Besides, not everybody can live without not having a burger for the rest of their lives. Why be miserable? I think the point of acne.org is to help people find ways to treat their acne that suits their lifestyle.

If it were THAT easy to just change your diet I'm sure nobody would be on these boards, but sadly its not. Have an open mind man!

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