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How Are You Guys Finding Lactoferrin?

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Hey guys I am aware that some of you are trying the supplement Lactoferrin. I just wanted to know how you were getting on with it. I have inflammatory cystic acne and I've been taking 250 mg of Jarrow Formula once a day at night. It seems to have calmed my out break significantly. I'm hoping to take it long term.

Has anyone ever noted any side effects? I seem to be particularly sensitive to supplements I can't take anything without something negative turning up somewhere along the line. Fish Oil, Flax etc gives me hypomania for example, and breaks me out. Lactoferrin seems fairly well tolerated though I am noticing some lethargy, particularly early in the morning. It's subtle but definitely there. I seem to be more tired after I've been to the gym as well. Given its affects on iron I did wonder if perhaps it was making me slightly anaemic. I realise that stands in opposition to current research but some have noted a drop in there serum iron levels whilst on lactoferrin. Any personal input I'd be grateful.

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Well bare in mind I'm only at week two. It got rid of 2 cysts that had stubbornly hug around for weeks within a matter of days. I've had only one new cyst since then and that retreated quickly and was never that aggressive. 1 new pimple this week down from 4 last week. The most noticeable feature is the decline redness on my face in general, my skin tone seems to have evened out. I'll let you know how it goes.

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