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Hi guys,

Lurked around these boards for a good while now but have only just registered finally! I'm not normally one of these people who talks to people online that I don't know but not sure where else to turn.

Basically I've had acne for years now but in the last few months its getting to me more and more and I haven't been properly happy in months. I've been workin really hard on my skin for the last 2 years, I never eat junk food and eat the same stuff every day because I don't want to risk eating new things. I get constantly slagged for the way I eat and how Im always showering and go to bed really early by my friends. After two years I'm very frustrated and just want my acne gone.

When I started working on my skin 2 years ago I made a desicion to start working out as well so that when my skin eventually did clear I'd have achieved something in my years wasted with acne. I've kind of realised recently that after two years Im lifting much more but don't feel like I look any better..... Maybe just not as skinny....

My moods been getting worse gradually for months but its been the worst today. I'm really unemotional, my parents always say its rediculous how little emotion I show at things. But today my dad was giving me a lift to college and for whatever reason my eyes started tearing up and I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to speak because I didn't want to start crying but my dad asked if I wanted to go home and I just nodded. I just couldn't face going into college, don't really have any friends in there which probabally makes it worse, and sitting in my lectures alone.

My parents have been really supportive but over the last month or so they've started to get real annoyed that I'm never in a good mood and don't really talk to anyone.

Anyway sorry for the long post just needed to get some stuff off my chest that I'm feeling shit about and didnt know where else to turn. So if you feel you need to get some stuff off your test ill listen to it anyway. Thanks guys

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Hey bluemagic,

As I get older, my problems with acne get to me more and more... I experience mood swings. Yesterday I was feeling like crap (I posted my rant here). Today, I am feeling better.

I completely understand you. There are times when i just don't want to go out. i just want to sit home and not see/talk to anyone.

I just want you to know that you are not the only one going through this. Also, we should not make acne as our obstacles to accomplishing so much in life. This site made me realize that I am not the only one going through bouts of depression. Realizing that I am not the only one makes a difference and makes you stronger.

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Everyone on this forum will understand completely. Most of us have struggled to get to work or school and have ended up calling in and staying in bed sometimes because we are so ashamed.

I don't have an answer for you. I've been searching for the answer for 10+ years myself. After yet another long period of struggling to find a cure, I've given up and returned to chemical treatments. Sometimes you have to accept the best option when a perfect option isn't available.

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Thanks guys,

Its comforting reading through these forums and seeing how people can be so positive with all this. Don't want to get into the habbit of missing stuff, it's been happening a lot this year! Will have to try and commit more!

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