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Why Would The Regimen Stop Working?

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Hey guys. So in nov of 2010 I started doing the regimen. It was literally life changing, I saw results within a week! I never had acne while I was in high school. My first semester of college I broke out like crazy but it was never really severe. At my worst I'd say my skin was about 60% covered. My T zone and temples have always been clear, I mostly get them on my cheeks. I tried proactive, neutrogena, dermalogica and nothing really worked. I found the regimen & started doing my own version of it. I used an all natural, organic, paraben & sulfate free soap from the brand sibu. I'd apply the BP and moisturize with jojoba oil. I noticed results within a week and my face was clear for 8 months. in june 2011 it started breaking out again. I thought maybe my skin got used to the regimen so I took a little break. When I went back to it it didn't worked. I tried again a year later so this is spring 2012 now and it still didn't work. For the past year I've basically been using either my sibu or shea african black soap and cerave pm. my skin has been "okay" but I want it to be flawless like before. What do you guys suggest? I don't wanna drop money on the big bottle of DK's BP if it's not going to work but idk what else to try. salicylic acid has never worked on me. Also, I didn't use the AHA cuz it had no effect & I thought it smelled bad so I returned it.


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