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2 Rounds Of Accutane, But Still...

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I'm 30,male, had moderate acne all my life. I'm Average weight, mixed race, and had oily skin most my life. Acne was worse in winter when it's cold/dry out west. I've done 2 rounds of accutane yep, 2. Several years apart however. The last round helped, but I still broke out in the colder months and still had moderate acne in the summer, albeit not as bad as before accuatane. At least I no longer have any on my back or chest, so that great.

Anyway, for the past 2 years I've been trying products to find the combination that work just right for me. Well, after trying all sorts of stuff, I finally read a lot about the whole "heal yourself internally" thing...seriously, I'm a guy. so that holistic stuff isn't my thing, but I swear to you, more water, less sugar, and taking a capsule of flaxseed oil 1000mg every other day and a capsule of 400 iu Vitamin E once a day has damn near cleared me up 100%, at least to the point I not going to keep searching for things that work. I don't do the flaxseed capsule thing daily because of reading about it's effect on males whistling.gif)

I use Purpose soap morning and night. I use Neutrogena 2% Salacylic Acid moisturizer/lotion, and that's it. But really, these are the same products that "helped" somewhat before I changed what I ate. So I emphasize, the real change in skin came after I stopped eating/drinking sugar, not that I binged before, but now I consciously avoid it, and I'm overall more healthy. The taking one pill a day of Vitamin E was the second dramatic improvement. And finally more water, but there are days when I'm too busy with work to drink enough, so I can't say the water has been a major factor, just the Vitamin E and less sugar for sure.

Anyway, hope you other adults find what works, I know how it is, being expected to be an adult but with a "teenager" problem on the face...it's different for us older people. I'm an administrator in my company and sometimes I was hard on myself, thinking "How are employees supposed to respect my decisions when my face looks like I'm 16?". I just smiled and carried on, focusing on the positive things, and things I could improve upon aside from my skin. But that's all changed now for the better, so I couldn't be happier. I Hope you guys find what works for you.

****Update****8 months later, 2013

Okay, so I thought I would gradually eliminate portions of the supplements. Now I don't take any supplements, but I still drink plenty of water and avoid sugar in all its forms, not like a psychopath, but I just generally don't eat anything sugary...surprise surprise, sugar is bad, water is good. Clearest skin pretty much in my whole life. Still using Purpose Soap, some 2% SA and Benzoyl from Dan Kerns morn and night, but nothing else. Been several months without a single spot! If you have Adult Acne, mild to moderate, cut the sugar, drink copious amounts of water (a good measure is making sure you have to hit the restroom up 3-4 times a day). So I'm pretty happy, just kind of pissed the fix was so easy, would have done it years ago because Adult Acne sucked! More water, less sugar. It becomes a habit soon, and it is a good habit to have.

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